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SERIES S Day One Impressions

I've had my Series S for most of a day now, so here are some first impressions from an average joe. I've come from a 500GB XBOX ONE Launch Model and have a 1080p 60hz TV.

Things I was impressed with:


  • It's so small. It's closest in size to an XBOX 360-E, but shorter. The design is simple and attractive. It looks so much nicer than my VCR xbox. (Also a lot nicer than the PS5 design, but that's subjective).


  • Bootup feels instant. Coming from an XBOX ONE Launch Model, most of my current games already run faster and look better which is crazy to me. System updates are fast, games install quickly and games that chugged on my XBOX ONE don't chug here which is neat. I haven't played WD: Legion or Valhalla yet but i'm excited to try those. and Cyberpunk of course.


  • It's a subtle upgrade but honestly, it feels SO good in the hand. It's a little heavier, the textured base and shoulder buttons feel incredible, and the joysticks and buttons have a little more tension to them/feel more precise.
  • The vibration motor feels very different to the Xbox One motor. It's capable of a much wider variety of feedback now. After playing with the new controller, I'll definitely be picking the new controller over the old one.
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  • Setup was INSANELY fast and simple. It even sends you a notification when the system/game updates are complete.


  • Straight up everything is smoother/faster and looks better/more dynamic(?) than it did on my XBOX ONE. Dynamic wallpapers are pretty but i've got no idea how to change them.

Things I was worried about:


  • If you've got disc games that have become available through Game Pass/EA Play/Gold…. You can now play them without the disc. Super impressed. No need to download the game again either. I just moved my installs from my Xbox ONE to my Series S via the HDD.
  • If you've got disc games that aren't part of game pass etc, you can purchase a digital license from the store and the game will run on the SERIES S without disc. I did this for CONTROL, and i didn't have to download or install anything. It was instant. Very impressed.
  • This isn't always great though. The standard edition of 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' isn't available for purchase digitally, only the $89.00 Definitive Edition which i'd rather not shell out for.
  • I said goodbye to my entire disc collection and i'm only missing three games which is crazy.


  • I have loads of digital games saved to my XBOX ONE external HDD.
  • All I had to do was unplug the HDD from my XBONE and plug it into the SERIES S. Everything appeared instantly and played instantly.
  • You can play games directly from the external drive which is awesome. Running games from the HDD… they still loaded faster than the XBOX ONE. Running from the SSD was nearly instant.
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  • The internal SSD only has around 360GB for next gen games. (This is the same amount of space as my XBOX ONE 500GB). I'll probably wind up purchasing the expansion card at some point. But most of the next-gen games I want to play aren't coming out until next year. I was never in danger of running out of space on launch. I think the reviewers really overhyped the storage situation.

Things I'm not impressed with:


  • Coming from the XBOX ONE (Launch Model)'s very long power adapter, I didn't expect the SERIES S power cable to be so short. My TV/entertainment center is part of a shelving system and i had to do some serious reorganizing to get it to work.


  • I really liked the XBOX ONE startup chime. The chime is the same but its very quiet now. Barely audible on the Series S.


  • It would have been great if Microsoft had some sort of program to transfer your disc game license to digital only.


  • I was excited to play Cyberpunk and CONTROL Ultimate and a few others… Everything has been delayed. I've still got heaps to play but it will be some time before we see next-gen only games.
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I really like my 1080p 60hz TV and don't intend to upgrade any time soon. Games look great and run way faster than they did before.


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