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Shin Megami Tensei IV still has me thinking about if what I chose was right

Content of the article: "Shin Megami Tensei IV still has me thinking about if what I chose was right"

I finished Shin Megami Tensei IV last week after owning it for 5 years, and it's a week later and I'm still thinking over what I did was right.

Okay for those who like going into games blind and like turn based combat I'll just explain what I liked about the combat first but that's by no means the best thing about the game in my opinion, shin Megami Tensei uses the same combat system (mostly) as the newer persona games (3-5) with the press turn combat, but as opposed to those games it's all about recruiting demons to fight with you, if you like Persona for the dungeon crawling enjoy good deep elements and weakness based turn based combat I'd heavily recommend this game.

Plus while I'm sticking to the spoiler free discussion, I love the world of Shin Megami Tensei IV it's way more interesting than it initially gives off and I'd implore absolutely anyone who can put up with turn based JRPG gameplay to fight through the game until at least a bit after "the twist" (when you play you'll know), the game really made me think and that's what I like about it, I find games are rarely as philosophical as Shin Megami Tensei as the game really made me dissect if what I'd done in the end was right

We'll from here on out I'll be discussing spoilers

I got the game for the first time at its initial UK release and I never got past the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, like when I first played it looked okay but that was all, but I picked it up about a year ago after finishing Persona 5 and have been playing it slowly over the last year balancing it around the few games I have time for (kids eh), but when you get to the twist that below the Eastern Kingdom is Post Apocalyptic Tokyo I was fascinated, I didn't really know the tropes of SMT so it was a completely new experience for me, but the most interesting part was the alignments and dissecting whether I was siding with the right forces.

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I went for law choices mostly and ended up with the Law ending, the law ending basically aligns with keeping god's order with the caveat of less individual freedoms and keeping humans following god's order, whereas Chaos aligns with a world for the strongest to triumph and more individual freedoms and liberties. I think it helps for context to say I understand politics well and I'm quite left wing, so the idea of restricting individual freedoms for a system of law to ensure safety really made me think about if what I was doing was "right", but in the end the hellscape that was apocalyptic Tokyo and the chaos world you see in the story, made me feel committed to the hard choice I'd made.

If you like your media to question your ideals and make you think about your beliefs I would highly recommend Shin Megami Tensei IV. I'm now playing Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse so the world really stuck with me and I intend to play more Shin Megami Tensei as I go with Nocturne HD and V being released next year.


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