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Should horror games have toggles for common fears?

Content of the article: "Should horror games have toggles for common fears?"

This question came up to me whilst playing Metro Exodus.

patientgamers directed me here.

Now, Metro Exodus is a survival horror game, but for the most part, I wasn't getting this vibe. Honestly it just seemed like immersive fallout, and whilst there was plenty of tension in firefights and whilst exploring, fear was never something I felt.

Sure the odd jumpscare got me, but jumpscares are cheap horror.

This was all true until I reached the comms bunker, and discovered that this game sends me into a panic like no other.

Im talking about the spider animations in the metro games.

When I first saw a spider crawl across my visor at the start of the game, i figured, hey, that's kinda cool, nice and immersive.

But when it's happening constantly, panic ensues.

So i thought about how other games have handled the common fear of spiders.

Grounded has its arachnophobia mode, which makes the spiders more and more into a jellybean as you increase the slider.

Then you have a game like SOMA, which is a horror game at heart, but has a SAFE mode for people who want to experience the story without the scares.

Metro Exodus has a lot of elements that could be scary, i can see people being scared of the mutants, the spiders (obviously) and ive heard the later levels lean further into horror.

Naturally, these enemies are a core part of the game, but things like jumpscares and animations seem to serve as cheap horror for the former, or immersion for the latter.

Im in the camp of thinking that game devs shouldn't compromise their vision, maybe there's a guy at 4A that just really likes animating spiders and shitting me up, but at the same time, i think metro exodus is a fantastic game, and i feel a little cheated wanting to put it down because the spiders crawling all over artyom is a relentless panic attack.

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I'd love to know some thoughts on the subject, I figured it would make an interesting discussion


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