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Should I buy a PS4 before or after the PS5 releases? (interested in Persona 5)

Content of the article: "Should I buy a PS4 before or after the PS5 releases? (interested in Persona 5)"

Hey there! My question is pretty much what the title states. I've been debating for a while whether a) it's worth it for me to invest in a PS4 and b) whether it'd be smarter to buy a new one before the PS5 drops, or buy a new one (maybe even used) after the PS5 drops.

I've never bought anything other than Nintendo consoles before, and even then it was mostly the portables (I do have a Switch now though). So I've never paid attention to how much prices drop when a new console gets released. OR how difficult it could be to get older console versions once the latest and greatest is out.

See the embarrassing thing is…I really just want to get a PS4 mainly because I've always wanted to play Persona 5. I've never played a Persona game before, and while I've always heard good stuff, I never felt the urge to try one out (prior to 5). Or spend that kind of extra money for one (remember, I mostly stick with Nintendo). I have though played something called "Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE" for the Wii U. It was a gift to me and while I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, I found that I really enjoyed this RPG style of game. Apparently this game was developed by the same people who make the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, so chances are the game I played isn't a bad indicator of what to expect in a Persona game.

Besides the playstyle, I really like the aesthetic of Persona 5, AND I think it actually has decent replay value (I think). I'm pretty sure it's also not one of those games you could spend $50-60 on and can finish in 5 hours of gameplay. Last I checked, people log a LOT of hours into persona games.

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Lately I've found myself having some trouble picking up games and finding the urge to come back to them. It's like my tastes have changed and I'm trying to find what styles work best for me now since some of the older stuff I played doesn't seem to keep my interest as much anymore. The game I've played the most so far on my Switch is Fire Emblem Three houses (and I still have 2 or the 3 story routes to finish- excluding DLC). I've heard great things about Persona 5, have gone out of my way to avoid any possible spoilers I can for the story, and at least think it's a playstyle I'd like.

I asked my brother what he thought because he's the one who's bought multiple consoles types at once before. He said if it's something I want, then it could a fun thing worth saving up for. BUT he also suggested that "it's good to know you'll get the best use out of a console if you can at least think of 10 games you'd want to buy for it." Considering how much these consoles cost, I guess that doesn't surprise me.

I tried to think hard about if there were any other games I'd really want to play for the PS4, but the only other ones I could come up with were: Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption II, and Shadow of the Colossus. So that's only a total of 4 games I've considered then. I've seen that sometimes you can get a PS4 bundle at least (which COULD be worth it try to out some different/new game types for a better price).

First of all, I'm aware you can actually get Persona 5 for the PS3, but there's far fewer reasons for me I think to get a PS3 than a PS4 (even though it might save me money).

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I know some of these games are also available for Xbox, but not Persona 5.

Funny enough, Tokyo Mirage Sessions was ported to the Switch with some extra features. I can't play my own original Wii U version as much because the Wii U actually belonged to my brother (and I have my own place now- aka I don't have the Wii U with me). So weirdly enough, I did debate on if I should buy the switch version to satisfy my "persona desires"…but that sounds silly to buy the same game after the first was a gift.

I do have an efficient method for saving up some money to put aside for the console and game at least.

Now I have indeed thought about, "But what if the PS5 comes out with games I could just have instead?" There's already a Spiderman sequel coming out for the console. There's a good chance that one will turn out well if they treat it the same way they did the PS4 version. And considering how popular and well known the games are, there probably will be a Persona 6 for the PS5 in the future. It's weird to say, but it's just that Persona 5 REALLY feels like the kind of style I'd like. I remember seeing stuff about Person 4 and not really getting into it. I pretty much dig everything I've seen about Persona 5 though. So the question is, will Persona 6 feel like a "wow" or "meh" to me?

Sorry for the long post. This was all get extra details I thought I should put out there to give a better perspective. I have to decide though between one of the few options:

– Purchase a PS4 (used/new and no bundle/bundle) and Persona (standard or royal) NOW before PS5 drops

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– Purchase all AFTER the PS5 drops

– Skip it and not risk spending the money for a new system and game series I haven't played before

TLDR: I really just want to get a PS4 to play Persona 5. I don't know whether to do this before or after the PS5 release, or if it's worth the money to try a new console and game series I've never played before. Thank you for any input.


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