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Should I buy a Switch? (I dont know if this is allowed here please dont be angry)

Content of the article: "Should I buy a Switch? (I dont know if this is allowed here please dont be angry)"

If this doesn't fit in the sub please tell me and delete.

Okay so for the past few days (rather weeks tho) I was really getting into my wish of buying a switch again. I already had my eyes on it when it was released but at that time neither my parents nor my money allowed anything like that.

Now I am at a point in my life where I make my own money, partly live alone and partly at home. I know (even though I'm of legal age and can do whatever I want) that my mom would disapprove that decision as she thinks consoles and videogames in general are dumb and a waste of time. So I couldn't take it home for my visits home. I also have siblings who will become very jealous when they find out about is as the (of course) want to have a switch too.

Next Problem is that no store close to me sells a switch. There is only a gamestop nearby but there it costs 35€ more than anywhere in the internet. And I do not want to order it in the internet as 1. I simply dont trust that enough to send me a console in a good condition or even a working one. 2. It would arrive at home and thus my mom and siblings would find out.

The only other consoles in my life that I own are a Nintendo DSi and a XBOX 360. Because of the Nintendo and the games I played on it I think the switch might bring back that nostalgic feeling. I really love Nintendos games..

On my XBOX I mostly played skyrim and I heard it was also available on the switch so having my favourite game always with me would be really cool, I think. I have also never played animal crossing in my life but I really want to try that too as all the gameplay and everything I have seen so far looks so extremely good. And dont get me started on The Legend of Zelda..

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There is just so many games to try and play but I am not sure, because 1. The money (even though I would be playing it in handheld mode I don't just want the light as it doesn't look very good and deletes the possibility of playing it on a TV (if I'll ever own one) completely. Still more than 300€ is a lot of money.. 2. My family would disapprove, telling me to better save the money I have. 3. I dont know if there are actually that many games I could buy (as they too are expensive) and play (as I'm still also studying) 4. I dont know if I could control myself to stop playing when I have to learn (is it addicting?) Although this is the least of my problems tbh

I'd love to have some help here. Is it worth to still buy a switch in 2020? So much worth that I could defend it against my family? Is it still worth that much money? And are the games worth their money too?


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