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Should I buy Katana ZERO if I love…?

Content of the article: "Should I buy Katana ZERO if I love…?"

Should I buy Katana ZERO?

My favourite indie game of all time is Hollow Knight. I fu**ing love it. I have almost 200 hours and I still enjoy to get back from time to time. I haven't done the last Pantheon (and the very last hidden Pantheon), but I did the Path of Pain, which took me 12 hours of torturing my mental health. But I still liked it. Amazing game – beautiful OST, good bosses, not perfect platformer (still good, but there are better ones, especially without the wings and wall climb it feels a little wonky), nice lore, but the simplistic combat beats every other aspect of the game. This is the most satisfying combat in a platformer ever. Super minimalistic, but extremely well done and fun to play. Not to mention the insanely good enemy AIs (Unity Playmaker abused to its limits).

Other platformers that I enjoyed: Ori (didn't enjoy the combat even closely to HK), Celeste (absolutely loved it), Super Meat Boy (finished it, too hardcore for me, but enjoyable, not my platformer style in 2020 for sure), Cuphead (well not a traditional platformer, but I loved the bosses in it, disliked the platforming stages), Dead Cells (loved it, but roguelike games are too long, I killed the final boss after 60-65 hours), Mark of the Ninja (really interesting platformer, but not my cup of tea for sure), INSIDE (the last platformer I played, good one, but too short and not much of a combat, but still really nice puzzles), VVVVVV (a classic, good platformer, but I-want-action).

A "platformer" that I really disliked – Guacamelee. Haven't finished it, haven't played the sequel. Not for me for sure. The art is good, but it could not immerse me. The humour has foreign words I don't know, so I often don't get it. The combat is not for me. Not enough platforming. IDK. It seems a humourous game which everyone enjoys and laughs loudly while playing, but it felt boring and unfunny to me. Other platformer I didn't quite like is The End is Nigh.

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Tier list

  • S+: Hollow Knight (my favourite)
  • S: Celeste, Cuphead, Dead Cells
  • A: Ori and the Blind Forest, Inside, Geometry Dash (lol)
  • B: Downwell, Risk of Rain, Super Meat Boy
  • C: The End is Nigh
  • D: Guacamelee

Should I buy Katana ZERO?


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