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Should I buy Sands of Salzaar?

Content of the article: "Should I buy Sands of Salzaar?"

I saw the English patch released on Steam and wonder if I should buy it. I see it is a mix of RPG and strategy game and I am never a big fan of strategy game. Is it more of a strategy game or an RPG? Does it have any dialouge choice?

Thank you very much!

This is what I like and don't like in RPG game for preference (copied from another post of mine):

– Skyrim
– The Witcher Trilogy
– Mass Effect 2 and 3
– Divinity Original Sins 2
– Knight of The Old Republic
– Fallout 4
– The Elder Scrolls Online
– Deus Ex Human Revolution
– Dragon Age Trilogy
– South Park (although a silent protagonist but the game is so good at other things that I still like it) – GreedFall

So so (the game i like but can't bring myself to complete it):
– Star Wars The Old Republic (I like the story, character customization and dialouge choices, but hate moving around and it's combat).
– Disco Elysium (I like dialouge choices, and the story seems interesting, but the theme is so ridiculous that I don't understand a thing, and heavy psychology stuffs always weigh me down)
– Grim Dawn (the gameplay got repeated fast, and the choice doesn't seem that interesting, fun to play with friends though)
– Oblivion (the combat got really hard later in the game)
– Kingdom of Amaklur: Reckoning (combat is fun, but play the same after a while, sneak almost useless, limited dialouge choice, feel-repeated quests)
– West of Loathing (like it at first, but I got tired of the combat later in the game).
– Torchlight 2 (same with Grim Dawn, fun with friends).
– Persona (Persona is my favorite game, but mostly about the story, combat and music, I don't really like how the protagonist is handled in these kind of games) – The Outer Worlds (good at first playthrough) -Fallout New Vegas (empty world, good writing, however don't worth several tries)

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Don't like:
– Morrowind (a lot of things I don't like)
– Soul-like games (I don't want to challenge myself or anything because life is challenge enough)
– JRPG with silent yes no protagonist like Pokemon.
– Dragon's Dogma (yes no silent protagonist, no fast travel thus result in a lot of times moving around)
– Fable Anniversary (feel and play pretty childish to me, the face of the protagonist cringed me out, also a yes no silent protagonist)
– Guijian3 (barely an RPG)
– Shadowrun (flavor dialouge choices, I don't know quite I don't like it)
– Caligula Effect Overdose (beautiful art, interesting combat, however so much running around, the .
– Pillars of Eternity


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