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Should I Buy Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1&2 Remaster?.

Content of the article: "Should I Buy Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1&2 Remaster?."

I like many of fans out there grew up playing these games and they were a ton of fun especially competing against family and friends in Horse, or to see who has the most score and pulled off the coolest tricks, I loved this game so much as a kid that I eventually branched out and played other games like it like Dave Mirras BMX and another i can not remember. As a kid whenever I got home from school or anything else really (Spent alot of time in the hospital as a kid) i would throw on my favorite CD copied it to my OG Xbox and would just skate around town and whatever just to relax. I remember having my mind blown when I realized Spider-Man was a secret character in the game as well.

I spent alot of hours playing this game as a kid and when i got well enough my parents bought me that OG Black and White Zero deck and i would skate everywhere, never being good enough to actually pull off any tricks though so i would just skate around with friends or teach my sister how to skate.

All in all i enjoyed the game a ton as a kid especially when i used to get sick and would end up in hospitals for long periods of time so being able to play something like this was amazing. And now the remasters are out and i cant get the game out of my head however my concern is if the game holds up. Will i be able to just throw on some music and skate around town with no time limits? I mainly want to buy the title to have something to help me relax especially since what had me hospitalized alot as a kid seems to have come back around now so im going to be spending alot more time sick in bed. I want to buy the game but sometimes i feel to ill to really want to chase any type of challenges or time limit as i just want to play something to relax too. I dont have alot of money so i am not able to buy it off nostalgia alone so i would like to know if this title is for me still even 20 years later.

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Please no negative responses. I apologize if this seems out of the ordinary but I just cant get this game out of my head as ive had tons of fun with it as a kid but back then i would chase any type of challenge but now i just want something to relax too and i have not played one of these games in nearly 20 years so i do not fully remember if there truly was a mode to just skate around exploring, doing tricks without having to worry about score or time limit (I know thats what this game basically is) will i be able to play the way i want? And if so will this title be worth me picking up at this price for that reason alone? I know eventually i may get into chasing the challenges and secret skaters its just that right now with my health being so poor i do not really feel up to that and just want to relax.

Thanks for responses in advance hopefully i was clear in what i was trying to get across. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read / respond. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, God Bless.


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