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Should I get a psvr or a quest 2 in my specific situation?

Content of the article: "Should I get a psvr or a quest 2 in my specific situation?"

Posting to both r/psvr and r/oculusquest to get both sides here, also textwall warning.

So right now, I am a bit torn on what to do. I sold my ps4 to get a ps5 on launch day and right now I have both a psvr (which i cant use) and an oculus quest. I have made a list of stuff i want to buy, but it will differ depending on which I choose. My oculus quest is still in its return policy and its defective. The tracking crashes completely or stops working properly multiple times a day, every time i check more dead pixels show up in the camera feed (there are only a few so not sure if theyre causing the tracking bugs or not), the controllers lose tracking completely for no reason several times a day, the display is having minor but still present and worrying issues, and the quest 2 is coming. This is grounds for an RMA from the place i bought it from and im in the process of getting that sorted out. Anyway, while these problems are definitely annoying, they still dont prevent me from enjoying the headset as most of the time they leave me alone. apart from comfort and horsepower, it is much, much better than my psvr so far, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

The problem is that if i return my quest and buy a quest 2 + the halo strap and sold my psvr, i will have about $215 less than if i returned the quest, all its accessories, and kept my psvr (plus i dont have to worry about selling it), as well as the fact that out of my 8 psvr games, only 3 are on the quest, and id need to rebuy them which would cost me like $100. That leaves me with no ability to play astro bot (was really looking forward to playing it in full resolution instead of the ps4 slims “i-forgot-my-glasses” graphics, i didn’t even pass world 3 because of that), firewall zero hour (really want to play it with antialiasing on the ps5) no mans sky (haven’t gotten to play it at all since I bought it on sale in advance), bound (haven’t finished it), and everybody’s golf. I would also lose out on any psvr exclusives, sales, the ability to join playstation parties while playing, and the massive horsepower of the ps5.

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So its either A. An oculus quest 2 with the halo strap where i get a much better headset minus graphical power and get oculus exclusives but lose $300 of money i couldve spent on new games (assuming i rebuy the 3 cross-plat psvr games), lose access to all psvr exclusive games, and psn party chat while in VR, or B. Get a psvr which allows me to keep playing my 5 exclusive games, lets me play psvr exclusives, doesn’t make me have to rebuy games, lets me use psn party chat, and saves me $300 but i get an inferior headset in nearly every way and lose access to oculus exclusives.

Which do you think I should go for? I’m having a really hard time deciding.


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