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Should I give up on practicing competitive multiplayer? Is a growth mindset grounded in reality?

Content of the article: "Should I give up on practicing competitive multiplayer? Is a growth mindset grounded in reality?"

I love competitive shooters. I've been playing them for years. I have been trying to get better at them ever since I started playing. I learn all the strategies/moves. Practice the move in real games extra. I must have thousands of hours spent on these game. I know what good practice is. I am familiar with having a growth mindset. However, I've seen time and time again that I always peak around being just plain old average. If it's platinum in OW or gold 3 in siege, I stay right around there. I can go lower but never higher.

I've been playing a lot of warzone this year. I'm familiar with the randomness of battleroyales (yet somehow overwatch is still the most random feeling game I've ever played). I am familiar with call of duty. I used to play cod a lot but in I got bored of it a few years ago. But I'm back and my skills seems to transfer over well to warzone. I did not start off as badly as I thought I would be. I'm around a 1.5 K/D which is probably completely average. I set a goal for myself to get that 1.5 into 2.0 K/D. But I also break it up into smaller goals. Like lets get to 1.6 first. Ultimately to get to 2.0. I use the stats app to track how my sessions go rather than looking at the lifetime K/D. And I average across sessions ( A session for me is however many games I play in a sitting). Sure enough, even though I practice my movement, my aim etc. But when I look at my average across sessions I'm always stuck on a 1.5k/d. I do notice my awareness has improved, I've learned to predict enemies movements a bit better and so on. Once in a while I'll have a rare session where I do get close to a 2.0 k/d. But these are outliers. It's just not enough. Warzone came out in March and I've been playing consistently and practicing since then.

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I watch streamers play. I've asked a fried to give me some pointers (he has a 2.9 K/D). He didn't have much feedback but he made some suggestions about backing off from certain engagements. Which I knew already but I still made more effort to do it. But I haven't been able to see gains.

Btw my setup is fine. That's not what is limiting me. My friend does better with a worse setup.

I feel like I've tried everything. (I've been told people who say this have usually never actually tried most things to improve)

Well my lack of improvement in gaming and other areas of life despite practice has me questioning things like growth mindsets. I'm afraid that its not entirely based on reality. At some point you are not going to be able to grow anymore.

To me this is very depressing. Sometimes I question what is the point of doing anything if no matter how hard I work I'll always be average at best. Just another person people refer to as bots or bad players.

I enjoy playing games. I enjoy competition. I really enjoy when I'm practicing to get better at something. But I feel like I've lost all that enjoyment because I never really get "Good" you know?

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On another point I've become frustrated with the "growth mindset". I work so hard at things, gaming and otherwise and I never really get to where I want to be.

People are quick to say you need to work harder. Practice more. And again I'd say I've feel I've done all that I can. I've given it my best and tried to learn from my failings but for whatever reason that only goes so far. But people will say I haven't and there's something else I could be improving.And that I need to have the growth mindset. This is so frustrating to me.

This is why I think a growth mindset is not for everyone. Maybe there are people who really don't try that much. But when you already put effort into it, this is where a growth mindset feels more like being delusional. This is just my opinion. That's how it feels to me.


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