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Should I stop getting PC games if I don’t have a gaming PC?

Hey all. This is a point that I've come to address for a while, but after some recent issues I need to revisit it. (there’s also a poll at the bottom for those who’d rather skip past the fluff)

Lately I’ve been facing problems with running games on my non-gaming computers, those being the Surface Studio and MacBook Pro. What’s really been troubling me is that games that should be very easy to run, such as The Binding of Isaac, have began lagging on multiple occasions, and it’s only become more of a problem ever since.

Along with this recurring problem, there are other factors weighing on me that are making me question my choice of platform. The main one is that I’m not certain if I’ll have the means or justification to pick up a better computer for hands-on digital illustration than the Surface Studio at this time. In truth, I end up using my computers mainly for work in organizing my personal documents and for freelance digital illustration more so than for gaming (even though there seem to be so many cool titles that I thought would be able to run on such low-spec computers).

I have also come to accept that I view gaming as more of a hobby, rather than something I should seriously commit to. I mainly only felt this way because I had stockpiled so many amazing games through bundles or trades, but feel conflicted about it now since my computers apparently have trouble running most of them, even those with the most basic specs apparently. Also I’ve become very stressed lately looking at all the technical requirements that come with managing a computer for gaming, and can’t say for sure if it’s worth the overwhelming stress to manage.

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With that in mind, another factor that’s swinging me back and forth on the matter is that I have a plethora of upcoming kickstarter games pending that I’ve supported. While a few of these were for PC only, which can’t be cancelled, there are more that I’ve supported that could either remain on PC or that I could switch over to Playstation 4. They’ll be locked to DRM, sure, but it would be the same if I redeemed them on Steam anyway. Plus the money already went to the developers so I don’t feel as bad.

I know these are a lot that weigh on my mind and I thank you for taking the time to hear me out and share your thoughts. Any input that you guys could give me on the situation would be most appreciated. Thanks again to you all.


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