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Should physical make a comeback for pc releases?

Content of the article: "Should physical make a comeback for pc releases?"

I love digital distribution on pc. It's so comfortable and I love that there are digital storefronts that try to compete for my attention by offering amazing features or freebies or both.

However, sometimes there are games that I'm simply hyped for and that I want to buy once the reviews drop.

I see the lack of support for physical releases to be a problem for pc gaming. The problem stems imo from the fact that pcgaming has always been at least a generation of physical media behind compared to consoles: when ps2 used dvds, pc games came on cds. When ps3 used blu-rays, pc games came on dvds. However, now that both consoles use blu rays, the size of videogames has gotten bigger to the point that the idea of storing videogames on dvds has become absurd. Add to that that online patches have basically become compulsory for playing your game instead of facultative: cod 4 for example can be played from disk both single player and multiplayer and it's fine, but you can download from the web some patches that add maps to the multiplayer (free for pc, paid dlc for consoles) and fix some small bugs. Instead, very often today patches fix major bugs or add major changes and you don't want to play version 1.0 of a certain game.

Other than the fact that in many places internet isn't good enough yet, it's worrying that we've moved away from physical releases because they should always be a backup option in order to 1) ensure game preservation 2) let people play games offline if they want to 3) give people more options to buy the game, especially to those who have difficulty getting a credit card (e.g. minors)

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I have my physical copy of gta V, it's 7 DVDs, and it came with a product key that I had to add to my social club account for activation. So, since release I could've always chosen to download the entire game from the web, or install the game from the dvds and then only download new patches. Basically the best of both worlds. I think this is a great service to offer and I think it should be a standard for pcgaming. I think we're also ready to move on from cumbersome DVDs and let videogames come printed onto 4k blu rays (up to 90gb per disc), after all it's what consoles already do. It makes sense that they're moving away from physical aswell (ps5 digital edition) and I'm not saying that physical is better than digital or viceversa, it's just that it's actually useful in some cases and I think it should be an available option for bigger games, even if only under shipment for example.


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