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SIB anything from this list I’ve made?

Content of the article: "SIB anything from this list I’ve made?"

First of all, I know these are all very different games. So I'm not asking which one is the best or more fun, I want to know which has more value in gameplay. I've been playing a few games on repeat on my PC lately, and now I want a new experience.

I've made a list of games that are cheap on PS Store right now and would appreciate info on them. My main concern here is gameplay value, so it's fine if the story is weak. So, is the gameplay of any of these games worth playing for a while?

Should also mention I don't strictly have to buy any of them. I'll just pick up one or two if they seem fun enough.

NFS Payback – ₹374 ($5.10 US)

Haven't played an NFS since Rivals. Tried Payback a little bit and liked it enough, but I've heard a lot of bad things about the microtransactions. Worth picking up just base game for just story completion/platinum?

Mirror's Edge Catalyst – ₹219 ($2.99 US)

Always wanted to try Mirror's Edge.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – ₹299 ($4.08 US)

Heard good things about it but skipped it last gen.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate/Unity – ₹494 each ($6.74 US)

Haven't played an AC since Rogue. Have heard that Unity's initial bugs are all fixed, but also heard that Syndicate has a new combat system. More interested in Syndicate than Unity.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided – ₹299 ($4.08 US)

No knowledge on Deus Ex. Heard base game story is incomplete (locked behind DLC) or something. Included because it's cheap.

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Tearaway Unfolded – ₹416 ($5.67 US)

Heard it's a masterpiece. No knowledge on gameplay. If the gameplay isn't fun, I might buy it later when I want a good story.

Zombie Army Trilogy – ₹269 ($3.67 US)

Haven't played a fun zombie game in a long time (last was COD Infinite Warfare's zombie mode).

FIFA 20 – ₹279 ($3.80 US)

Played a TON of FIFA 15's career/manager mode last gen. Wondering it's improved by any amount now. Haven't played a FIFA this gen besides demos.

Again, I'm not asking which is the best game. I just want to hear opinions on which is fun to play. If you enjoy something about one or more of these games, let me know what it is.


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