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SIB Atelier: Ryza

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So to give you a bit of context:

about a year ago a friend recommended me some anime and after watching it I was like "oh shit this is awesome" basically since then I became a total weeb.

And if course that stuff got me more interested in JRPGs. I was and still am a huge monster hunter fan and played loads of Pokémon in my childhood but that's about as far as I've gotten into JRPG territory.

Now since my new addiction I've picked up stuff like DMC 5(not directly a JRPG but similar-ish), Hatsune miku: project diva (rythm game) and final fantasy XV(I'd say just a tad similar to monster hunter) and I love(d) all of them and still play them from time to time. I never was a big fan of story but dmc or FFXV really changed that.

When I looked through the summer sale on PS4 I saw Atelier: Ryza and thought: "looks kinda nice" and did some quick research. I'm a bit torn right now and that's why I'm here.

So now to the actual question: Should I consider buying the game?

I normally like me some action in a game and I think I'm not a huge fan of the turn based fighting (anymore) but I just think so. The last time I played anything turn based was years ago and I loved it back then… Tho I don't really mind some changes to my usual games if it's fun.

As an anime fan I'm obviously in love with the artstyle of the game. I also wouldn't mind if I had to do some grinding in-game as I'm a huge fan of those kinds of games (Monster hunter, GTA,Elite dangerous) I really like it when you can spend hundreds of hours just to get the good shit. With that said, how long am I going to be playing Ryza? About how any hours is the story? Und how is the endgame, if there even is one?

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So to bring it down to the most important questions:

How long is the game?

Is it easy to get into?

Are the activities you can do (combat etc.) fun?

I'm really grateful for every answer I get. Thank you for reading this


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