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SIB Forza Horizon 3?

Content of the article: "SIB Forza Horizon 3?"

Hi guys!

First of all, yes PLAYED FH4 please don't recommend it instead of 3. I am curious about FH3, not FH4.

I play mainly shooter or open world rpg games, but last year i had the urge to try out some racing games as in the past 10-15 years i didn't played any. (Last ones i played was NFS Underground 2 and Most Wanted (2005)).

I wanted a racing game that has some kind of realism in it's handling but not too hardcore like a simulator. Long story short i bought and tried out a bunch of racing games (or got some of them for free) in the past year to find out which is the best experience for me (Grid Autosport, Grid 2, NFS Shift 2, Project Cars 2, The Crew 2, Dirt Rally).

While i like most of these games sadly none of them could fully scratch my itch.

I would love an open world racing game where you can earn money and buy your own car(s) and tune them up so you can compete in more races with the same car. I don't care if it have or don't have multiplayer.

From my games the closest i got to this is the Crew 2 but with the planes and boats i felt like the game want to be so many thing it'll become painfully mediocre in almost everything. (It's good but it could be much-much better). The Other game i was intrested in is NFS Heat as i love the idea of visually tuning your car and this is the closest modern racing game to Underground 2 / Most Wanted. The only thing i fear about that the handling is too much arcadey.

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So i came upon the Forza Horizon series, and tried out 4 as it's available on the game pass and basically almost everyone recommends it. I loved the first 15-20 hour of the game, felt like i finally found what i was looking for, everything seemed perfect. Unfortunately it didn't lasted long. The game has so much car (which is good) it literally throws them to players. You leveled up? -wheelspin, oh you got a new supercar. Are you won this race? -wheelspin, oh you won a legendary super exotic one of a kind iconic classic car.
My problem is that it was super easy to get everything i wanted in the game (from wheelspins to auction house) and i lost the feeling of progression. After just 25 hours of game time i had 50 ish cars including my all time favourites and after that the game went pointless for me. The core gameplay, handling, graphics are nice, overall one of the best racing games i played but as mentioned above i feel it's all pointless as i have more than everything i wanted.
I like the idea of grinding hard for better stuff or grinding less for mediocre stuff (This was better in the Crew 2)

Overall i loved it while i had to get the cars i like.

Now for FH3, i heard it's basically the same but with just a little less cars, bit weaker but still similiar graphics and on a better (?) map. I like the idea of Australia more than the Great Britain.

So if i liked FH4 would i like FH3 as well? I am aware that the game is going to be delisted on win store, and it's cheap right now. If i buy the standard edition without the vip and such premium extras would i have to grind more? (that's what i want). Is the expansion pass worth it? I heard it's badly ported on pc as some people said they can run FH4 flawlessly but have stuttering in FH3. I have a decent rig, could i run the game on 1080p 60fps?

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CPU: Ryzen 7 3800X
GPU: MSI Radeon RX 470 8GB Gaming X (yeah i know it's a bottleneck)
RAM: 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4 Kingston HyperX Predator CL16

What are the Pro / Cons of the game?

Sorry if i had grammar mistakes, it's not my native language.

TL;DR: I tried a bunch of racing games including FH4, but feel like i would love FH3 more.


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