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SIB Hades (on Switch) if I’m usually bad at combat/games in general and want to engage with the story?

Content of the article: "SIB Hades (on Switch) if I’m usually bad at combat/games in general and want to engage with the story?"

(EDITS at the end) I have never played a rogue-like before. I’ve been on the fence about this since it came out. What first caught my attention was the art when it was announced for the Switch. And then everyone keeps praising it so much. I have watched some gameplay and it seems nice. I like the voice acting, the characters. The permanent upgrading mechanics seems cool and the “customization” of each run too. And I confess I was intrigued when people said it has some elements of a dating sim, and tbh this got me more excited than it should.

What makes me hesitant is the fact that I don’t enjoy skill-heavy hard games that rely on controller skills (for lack of better description) rather than on creative/smart strategies or even simply a bit of grinding. I bought Hollow Knight on sale and regret it so much because I utterly suck at it. It took me ages to beat the very first boss. Failing constantly and not advancing the story was extremely frustrating and I just gave up. I don’t have time or patience to get good at the game.

Other games I liked were Zelda Minish Cap, Pokémon (gen 1 to 6, 7 was boring, ignored 8), Mario Odyssey and of course BOTW (I especially liked the exploration aspect of the open world, the puzzle solving, and gradually learning about the story). What usually happens though is when I beat the game/finish the main storyline I get bored because there’s no real objective to achieve anymore, unless the rest of the game complements and expands the main story. I only do side quests if it helps with the main objective.

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I’d appreciate your insight into this. Thank you!

EDIT1: Wow! 64 comments! I have a lot of reading to do! I probably won’t be able to reply to every single one, so thanks to everyone so far! From skimming through your opinions and watching a bit more gameplay I think I’d be playing in God Mode and I know I’d default to button mashing my way through a lot of the harder foes (would this be viable?). I think I’d be ok with the dying a lot part because it’s what makes the game move forward from what I gather. It also seems good for short gaming sessions like 30 min to an hour so I probably wouldn’t be tired of the repetitive aspect of combat, maybe? Anyway, I’ll properly read the comments and give some feedback by the end of the day probably. Thanks again!

EDIT1.5: I just remembered I did play PS4 Spider-man on easy mode and I button mashed a lot whenever I was overwhelmed by foes and I still had fun. (I’m such a noob you guys). Well, back to reading comments.


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