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SIB KOTOR on steam

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I wishlisted kotor a few months ago and since it's on sale i was thinking of buying it but wanted to know more about so i don't regret buying it like i almost did for neverwinter nights.

From the reviews I've seen of it, it has a good story, interesting npcs and good story choices that affect said story. I've never cared to much about stories in rpgs as i just care about how fun it is and i don't enjoy roleplaying in video games at all.

My favorite rpgs are daggerfall, botw and skyrim, and the two rpgs i hate the most are oblivion and morrowind. I hated oblivion because it was boring to play and hated morrowind because it's combat, quests, and class creator weren't enjoyable to play with.

I absolutely hate turn based and dice roll combat and don't like stories in video games as they can't be as flexible as D&D. I like choices so I'd like to know how important choices usually are in the game and can the game be fully enjoyed without multiple playthroughs. I don't like playing though games multiple times as then they aren't enjoyable since i know what'll happen

How good is the combat in the game? I usually don't play more than a few hours on a game that has a combat system that is boring or is only good once you get high level. I like games where leveling up does make you stronger but your perfectly capable of fighting high level enemies if you're good enough at the game even id you choose the weakest class. Like oblivion where even though i create a weak class I'm able to defeat the city guards as long as I'm skilled enough at the game

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How interesting are the npcs. In skyrim i often found enemies or npcs I'd research because the were interesting or had so little known about them in game i wanted to know more about them. No other game has had NPCs as good as skyrim to me which makes me not be immersed in the game or want to so the quests for them

How good is Exploration. I love exploring in games and finding cool enemies i can only beat if I'm good at the game or leveled up multiple times so I'm stronger like skyrim or botw. Exploration is one of the most important things about rpgs to me and games that don't have good exploration get boring to me, example Minecraft

How fun is the game? The most important thing about i do is how fun it is. If i don't enjoy something why would i continue doing it just because someone said hour 50 gets really fun when i don't even know if it'll actually be fun for me at hour 50


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