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SIB Mafia II: Definitive Edition? Or Get the Original on PS3…?

Content of the article: "SIB Mafia II: Definitive Edition? Or Get the Original on PS3…?"


I just finished Mafia: Remastered on the PS4. What a great game and a great remaster. Here’s the thing though. I never played the original. In fact the only Mafia game I’ve ever touched before was Mafia III, because it was included as a PS+ freebie some time back (put it down pretty quickly though, didn’t really keep me interested). I’m really pleased with the fact that I was able to enjoy this game with essentially none of the bad stuff of the original (low quality graphics, textures, poor difficulty balancing, old videogame characteristics in general) and all of the good stuff that our current era in videogames have to offer (AMAZING graphics/video fidelity, polished/finely tuned controls, game options, etc.). So now I’ve finished one beloved game, or a remaster of one that’s likely to be beloved in due time, and I’m so very excited to see what’s next with this game’s universe and characters via a playthrough of Mafia II. But I’m a little on the fence with things. I watched a quick comparison video on the recent remaster vs. the original and the comments section seemed to almost unanimously feel that the game was a downgrade more than it was an upgrade. Issues with lighting, physics, visuals. But the video demonstrated that the game was well adorned with positives like better textures, better character models (for the most part), and in my opinion better sound. I assume it probably even runs better than the PS3 version, as in it has a more stable framerate, which would be a HUGE plus for me. I’ve been on a last gen binge lately buying old PS3 games I never got around to playing and although I’ve had a blast, the framerate issues is something I can’t hold the PS3 over the PS4…

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Anyway, back to the main question. As a first timer with Mafia II, would I be fine (or even better off?) picking up the recent remaster? Or do you swear by the original and think I should go for that one instead? I frame the question this way because I feel that since I never played the original, I won’t be in danger of the same dissatisfaction or disappointment fans of the original seem to all feel about it. I’m leaning towards the side of the version of the game with stable framerate, and higher fidelity in visual presentation like video and texture quality; i.e. the Definitive Edition. But all of that considered, do any of you folks think it’s still a better idea to go for the original?


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