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SIB Metroid Prime 3: Corruption if I’ve NEVER played a SINGLE Metroid game ever?

Content of the article: "SIB Metroid Prime 3: Corruption if I’ve NEVER played a SINGLE Metroid game ever?"

Been on a retro game binge, and I (very literally) dusted off the ol’ Wii to give some older games another spin. I’ve now realized how much I’ve slept on the Wii’s fantastic games library. I’ve been passing the Rona-time with tLoZ: Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros., MarioKart Wii, and I actually managed to finish Silent Hill: Shattered Dimensions, that I adored so much that I’m a little bummed now that it’s over.

Anyway, I’m still on the lookout for some other classics and must-plays and I stumble upon the Metroid series; a series I’ve always been intrigued by for a long time, but never played as a kid as I never really owned the respective gaming systems (was always a PlayStation kid growing up). So a friend of mine tells me that I can try out the Metroid Prime series. I search it up and it seems interesting, but oh, what’s this? The Metroid Prime TRILOGY? 3 beloved, critically acclaimed games, 2 of them ported over from the GameCube with Wii remote functionality added? And Metroid Prime 1 is a LEGENDARY, MUST-PLAY game??? Sign me up!…..

And then I learn copies are going for a hefty $100-$200 easy 🙁

But I still want give this series a shot, especially since it’s so well-regarded from what I understand. And I’d LOVE to add more classics to my Wii library. I’ve only heard good things about Metroid Prime 3, like how the Wii controls were very clean and innovative and make the gameplay all the more enjoyable, but I also know I’m basically going into the story blind. I’m okay with not knowing the whole backstory, I prefer a fun Wii title with great controls above all else. And I really do want to jump into the Metroid series if you guys think I definitely should. So my main questions are these……

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TL:DR Should I play any of the previous Metroid games before playing Metroid 3? Would my enjoyment of this game be seriously hindered by my lack of background knowledge on the previous installments? And should I even bother picking up Metroid Prime 3 at all, or skip it in favor of some better Wii must-plays? Thanks in advance for any words of advice and/or opinions.


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