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SIB: Pokemon Sword or Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Content of the article: "SIB: Pokemon Sword or Fire Emblem: Three Houses"

The experience I want:

Story-driven, not too grindy, great characters, plot can be advanced without a ton of side-missions and exploring/collecting. I do not expect to 100% either game, just play through and finish the story with moderate exploration, upgrades, and customization. Open-world RPGs tend to overwhelm me and I get bored if there is too much to do (ADHD).

I already know that I will enjoy Pokemon, but want to know if I might enjoy FE even more.

The game(s) interest me because:

Pokemon: I played the first four generations and loved them all, haven't played any since SoulSilver.

Fire Emblem: I have heard amazing things about this game and the characters intrigue me. I like the concept of making friendships with NPCs and strategy-based combat.

My concerns about purchasing the game(s):

Pokemon: I know there has been a lot of controversy about the game and that it is apparently much too easy? I want a challenge and to have to really plan and think about my battles. I don't mind losing a lot before beating other trainers.

I'm not the type of player to over-power my Pokemon at the beginning and steamroll through the game, but I also don't want to have to nerf myself to make it hard.

Fire Emblem: I don't think I have played a game like this before and the length/size/repetitiveness of it is concerning.

Games I've liked and why (Self-contained stories, manageable, not too big, challenging/requires thinking, don't need much endgame content):

-Other Pokemon games

-The Last of Us series

-Astral Chain

-God of War


-Lord of the Rings: The third Age (turn-based)

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-Breath of the Wild

-Spider-Man PS4

-Jedi: Fallen Order

-Attack on Titan: Final Battle

-Resident Evil 2

-Marvel Ultimate Alliance III

Games I've disliked and why (Massive, heavily open-world, very side-mission, amount of options and choices make it overwhelming for me, and very upgrade based) :

-Fallout 4


-Witcher 3

-FarCry series

-Red Dead series


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