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SIB The Outer Worlds?

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Hey guys! Interested in getting this game but I don't know if it's the right game for me. These are my checkboxes on what I'm expecting and I would appreciate if you guys could give me your insight on them.

  1. Enemy Variety When a game is about traveling and exploring a whole different world, especially when it is in outer space, I expect finding lots of different creatures to find and battle. I kinda got put off by Fallout 4 because of the enemy variety. I think it's just me though because i dont see much people having the same experience, but I got really tired of seeing the same two creatures all the time in a post-apocalyptic world, the ghoul and the super mutant. I know there are other creatures out there but I usually just encounter these TWO ALL the time.

  2. Weapon Variety Being a Borderlands fan, I love how much different guns there are, each with specific types, elements, classifications, effects, etc. I know having billions of guns isn't really a norm in video games, but I atleast want good weapon variety. Lots of weapons! so I have a lot to choose from, but most importantly, weapons that differ with each other. Unlike when there's a classification of guns (like shotguns) but everything in there is the same/exactly the same as the other ones.

  3. Beautiful/Cool/Unique World It doesn't have to be huge, just want it to be different. Like it actually feels like you're in a whole new other world/planet that you've never seen before. Hopefully, no copy-paste as well hehe.

  4. Fun/Rewarding Gameplay Basically explains itself, I hope the combat is enjoyable so it wouldn't feel like blandly holding L2 and pressing R2. Although, the term rewarding seems too vague, so I'll specify what I mean. I know this isn't a looter shooter but hopefully it has a good loot system. Like getting useful drops or gaining cool stuff. It doesn't have to have a good loot system though to be rewarding, so if it is rewarding for you guys then that's a plus already for me hehe.

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