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Sims 4- because sometimes less is more, but often less is just less (Long post).

Content of the article: "Sims 4- because sometimes less is more, but often less is just less (Long post)."

As a long time Sims 3 fan I was pretty hesitant about picking up Sims 4, but thought "Fuck it" and downloaded it, especially after I saw they added knitting accessories and, as a knitting fan, I couldn't resist. After around 40 hours in game I think I came to few conclusions.

First, the positives- the biggest difference I've noticed at the very moment I started playing was how well the game ran. I'm playing on high setting in steady 60fps, the optimisation is really on the point. For comparision- Sims 3, regardless of how low setting I go for, very rarely gets 30+ fps on the very same PC. I love S3 but this game just doesn't work- it's optimised terribly, game is filled with bugs that only stack up the longer you play on one file. Sims 4 on the other hand runs really smoothly and so far I've noticed one slight bug with light not covering the room properly, but that's it. Compared to Sims 3 which loaded for ages and lagged very often it's a pleasant change, to say the least.

As for creating sims I was surprised to see only 3 pickable traits for adults and far smaller option than in the previous game, but after playing for a while I've realised that these traits, while less numerous, felt more expressive and meaningful at how you've played the game without simply putting some negative or positive bonuses to your mood (As from the loner in S3 for example, which would give you a bonus when alone in the house and penalty while among other people). 3 doesn't really feel enough for me, but quite frankly neither did 5 in Sims 3.

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Also, I feel like it's the part of the game that catches the spirit of current era really well with social media being more relevant than in previous game and grants you more personal freedom, giving more ways for your sims to develop.

The biggest change that made me sad was EA going back from Open World back to loading each and every lot on it's own. At first it might seem bad, but in the long run it doesn't really bother that much, and I guess that's the reason why the game runs so much better than it's predecessor. I actually really like the idea of how they handled it- travels are instant, getting rid of those awkwardly long voyages which would cause your sim to get sleepy by the time they get somewhere, and the world feels much more alive and social thanks to numerous events happenings on different lots- karaoke nights at bars, festivals at parks etc., where NPCs would gather around and have fun. This thing, as well as receiving text messages from your friends when you happen to get to know somebody they know etc., makes the game feel like you're living in an active community. Also you can travel between the neighbourhoods without any problem, so the world doesn't really feel that small. The one small thing is important to mention too- some lots have unique traits to them, like not being connected to electricity and running water- so no bills but, you know, also no electricity or running water- others being haunted by the ghosts etc., so the gameplay can be different each time just basing on where you build your house.

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Now, onto the worse parts- as mentioned, I don't mind world not being open. What I don't like however is that you can't create your own towns and just have some premade ones to choose from. At first I thought it would be like Sims 2, where you've had 3 towns at the start and could also create your own. It was a real bummer for me as I love creating towns, as well as it highly reduces number of possible challenges (I really like playing on a tiny desrted island in S3, which in this one is impossible).

But, the thing that was the worst for me, was seeing expansions' content- S4 currently has 9 expansions, 8 content packs with 9th going and 17 accessory packs, which you can compare to 11 expansions and 9 accessory packs for S3. And they are SO MUCH SMALLER than previously- in S3 after dark players got vampires, blocks of flats and whole new fame mechanics as well as careers associated with it, like actors and musicians. In S4 this very same content was cut into 2 expansions and 1 game pack. S4 has nearly as much as twice purchasable DLCs, and despite this fact it has around a half of what it's predecessor offered. That's bullshit.

I'd say I hope for Sims 5 to be better, but I don't really think so. They know they can get away with doing less so that's propably what they'll do. I really despise EA at this point, especially once I saw them adding ads to their newest UFC title a month after the launch so it's not mentioned in reviews. Fuck them.

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