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Single Player Games I’ve Completed in 2020

Content of the article: "Single Player Games I’ve Completed in 2020"

I recently saw u/Thank_You_Love_You 's post on the games they completed, and since I've been keeping track of mine as well, I thought to make a similar post. I'll try to order the games by date played with the most recent games being last. I'll give a score based on how much I liked it and hours played. All of these games were played on PC. Anyway, let's get started!

Bioshock 1 (not remastered) – 16.6 hours – 8.5/10

The atmosphere is amazing, the characters were all distinct, the old-time music fitted really well and was quite catchy, and above all, the ending blew me away. Rapture really sucks you in and although sometimes I would be getting burned out, I still loved exploring and using all of the powers and guns to find what best fit me.

Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut – 21.5 hours – 5.5/10

The game was alright. Kinda clunky which I didn't mind, but all of the missions were the same, and I kept high-profile killing thinking I couldn't low-profile kill with the hidden blade. Made for some fun rooftop kills using the throwing knife though.

Doom 3 (not BFG Edition) – 13.2 hours – 7/10

Pretty good game. Slow-paced, using the flashlight made it feel more like a horror game. The story was kinda meh, but overall not a bad game. BFG still is a BFG. Didn't play the DLC, but looks about the same as the game.

Barkour – <5 hours – 9.5/10

Saw this game on Twitter and got it instantly. It's an indie game on Itch where you're a platforming dog that uses his bark to jump and gain speed and flip around. Really fun, doesn't take long to complete, but totally worth checking out.

Tomb Raider Gold – 17 hours – 7/10

I played through the Legend Trilogy before playing this game. Quite good once you get used to the controls. Ended up playing this using the Numpad, which worked pretty well. The only hard section for me was the doppelganger part, but other than that, challenging game. Lots of tricky sections too. I want to finish all of the classic Tomb Raider games, but this one was quite taxing on motivation.

Spyro 1 Reignited – 10.5 hours – 6/10

This game was a really straightforward, quite easy game. I want to finish the trilogy sometime but haven't felt the need to continue it just yet. Looks really good visually and controls nicely.

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Beyond Good and Evil – 12.1 hours – 9/10

Really enjoyed this game! Loved the camera mechanic, areas, side content, and the characters. If you decide to play this, make two save files before you get to the last mission. There is a bug that soft-locks the game meaning you can no longer progress and have to start from your last save. The bug seems to be on-going even after reloading sometimes.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 – 13.8 hours – 8/10

Played this game as a kid, still holds up quite well. It aims to make fun of JRPG's while also being a good JRPG itself. Pretty challenging game with secrets and lots of gear. Started as a flash game but now has a fourth and fifth installment, which further improves to the mechanics and replayability.

Tomb Raider (2013) – 19.4 hours – 7.5/10

A nice reboot of the series, but wish it had more tombs to raid. Enjoyable game and I hear the squeals are even better. Very cinematic like the Uncharted series.

HuniePop – 27 hours – 10/10

I know I know, but it really is a great game. You play it for the innovative match 3 gameplay (more in-depth than you think) but stick around for the other part of the game. Great artwork, great voice acting, great lip-syncing, great story, great music, great everything.

Watch_Dogs 1 – 45 hours, 8.5/10

People are still playing this game to this day. One of the best parts of the game is when you get invaded by other players in the middle of your single-player playthrough. It's refreshing to see something like this that fits in so well with hacking everything around you. Still looks great and you can mod it to look like it would have looked during the E3 event (you know the one). The story is good, the gameplay is good, DLC is not bad but look up some reviews before buying.

GTA III – 29 hours – 7.5/10

If you can get around the graphics and the controls, then it's still a great game to play in 2020. I haven't done a full playthrough until now. I mostly played for a bit and then moved on, but after completing GTA IV, I wanted to go back and finish the older ones. The game can provide some hilarious gaming moments, as well as some frustrating ones. If you're doing the car delivery missions, don't forget about Mr. Whoopee!

LostWinds – 2 hours – 7/10

A fairly short 2D platformer with interesting mechanics using the wind. Port of a mobile game, but fits well for PC. There is a squeal too, but I haven't played it yet.

Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – 21 hours – 11/10

This is probably the best game I've played all year. I've never played a visual novel before, but I was not at all disappointed. Characters and story are amazingly well crafted, you get to be a cyberpunk bartender in a "booze 'em up", what more could you want! The music is to die for, every song is a joy to listen to. The atmosphere is super fun and cozy. You can get lost in the world for hours without realizing it. If you play any game this year, check this one out!

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse – 4 hours – 6/10

Alright 2D/3D platformer, pretty short, even to 100%. If you like Disney, then you'll like this game.

Dungeon Siege 1 – 36.4 hours – 8/10

I had a lot of fun with this game. Although old, it still holds up with lots of loot, secrets, party members, combat, and pack mules. Didn't really micro-manage my party, but it was still fun to playthrough. Oh, and no loading screens! Recommend patching it with the Legends of Aranna + extras if you get it on Steam.

Toybox Turbos – 4 hours – 6/10

I remembered it was on mobile so I went looking for it and found it on Steam. Fun top-down racing game, multiplayer is dead, but with friends it can be a lot of fun.

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XIII Classic – 9.5 hours – 8/10

Fun, linear FPS with an art style that makes up for the rest. Cel Shaded graphics makes this game stand out. Comicbook-style headshot kills are also really satisfying. Nice ending, but don't want to spoil it. The game's also getting remastered in November of this year.

Ninja Pizza Girl – 9.5 hours – 7.5/10

A 2D platformer about delivering pizzas, bullying, self-esteem, and resilience. Made by a husband and wife team with help from their daughters. Fun platforming with trampolines, long jumps, and high falls. The less you mess up, the faster you go. Has audio logs in the game explaining how the game was made which is really neat.

Bloodrayne 1 – 8.5 hours – 7/10

Really weird vampire game from the early 2000s. Still pretty fun to whip out the huge blades on your arms and chop up some zombies and military personnel. You can also jump on people and suck their blood to regain health while using them as human shields. Story was meh, but the gameplay makes up for it.

Max Payne 3 – 12 hours – 6.5/10

I really wanted this to be like the older games, but I was surprised to find it enjoyable. Very cinematic with lots of cutscenes, fun-ish gunplay with a pretty good story. Watched a video by Raycevick and he made me change my perspective on this game to be a little more positive after playing.

Just Deserts – 14.5 hours – 5/10

This game is nowhere close to HuniePop, but it wasn't too bad. The story was meh with some of the writing and voice-acting being the same. The gameplay is repetitive and you have to get lucky for big money early on if you want the best weapon. Came out with DLC recently.

Chariot – 21.3 hours – 6.5/10

Interesting co-op 2D platformer that is a lot more fun playing with another person. You guide a chariot on wheels across the lands, helping the king look for his final resting place. I played it by myself and it was still fun, but the gameplay tired me out after a while. Gets really challenging at the end, but if you're only going to play this game for a bit, the first world is amazing.

Jet Set Radio – 18.5 hours – 10/10, but I want to give it 11/10

What can I say, but DJ Professor K knows how to throw down some beats! Gameplay consists of grinding rails, spraying graffiti, and outrunning the cops as they use more and more ridiculous amounts of force to try and stop you. Super fun game with more Cel shaded graphics, an incredible soundtrack that I continue to listen to well after playing the game. I ended up using the keyboard instead of a controller, but because of how the game works, it's good with either. The only downside is you can't replay levels or manual save, but after completing the game, you can play in the connected version of each district. Lots of characters to unlock with some challenging ones to unlock too. Highly recommend.

Fable 1 and Fable: The Lost Chapters (not anniversary edition) – 19.5 hours – 7.5/10

Didn't explore much of the marriage options, houses appearing on the market out of "nowhere", or just being mischievous, but it was an enjoyable playthrough. I liked the music a lot, a good amount of side content, and a fun story. Really cool character customization with tattoos and hairstyles that you can find around the world. Also a cool class system, but using Will seems the most fun to try. If I play this again, I will go full-on evil, doing only evil things.

Coffee Talk – 9 hours – 7/10

Very much inspired by Va-11 Hall-A, it's a visual novel about owning a coffee shop that is only open at night. You meet a wide range of characters, some of which are orcs, werewolves, vampires, and aliens. A good story with a latte art system where you can make your own art on certain drinks before serving. Combining ingredients will make different drinks, some secret, some not. The characters will tell you what they want, but you'll have to guess sometimes.

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Sleeping Dogs – 36 hours – 10/10

Incredible open-world game set in Hong Kong, where you're an undercover cop, but also get more and more involved with the Sun On Yee gang. Great story, fun driving, you can stuff people in trunks of cars, skill tree for both the police and gangs, and great music. I found myself sitting in my car listening to the classical music station for a while, then driving off and ramming bikes to the music. The traffic laws messed me up for a good hour since they drive on the other side of the road. Side content is vast, but not boring. You can have girlfriends for one date and after the date, they will reveal all of one specific collectible on the map. Collectibles have incentives for you to get them, it's just an all-around, well-designed game. DLC is repetitive, short, but adds new mechanics.

NiGHTS Into Dreams – 8 hours – 9/10

Another amazing SEGA game. It's a game about dreams with fun, easy to learn hard to master gameplay. You fly around to 2D collecting blue chips to give to the Ideya Capture. once you do that a couple of times there is a boss fight, which each boss being very different from one another. It confused me at the start about what was going on and what I had to do. Looked at the manual and it helped a lot. Also watching videos helps too if you get stuck or confused. Highly recommend and it doesn't take long to complete or 100%, just patience.

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing – 8 hours – 6/10

I hear Transformed is much much better, but I wanted to play the first one anyways. Kinda grind-heavy for "miles" near the end if you want everything. Quick racing game, kinda repetitive, but not bad.

Hitman: Codename 47 – 14 hours – 6/10

The first Hitman game in the series. Very clunky, alright AI, but some levels are so good they shouldn't belong in that game. The hotel level is by far the best. Saving only occurs after missions, and you can't save in the middle of one. I didn't really get hooked on the story. Found myself frustrated more often than not. Probably not worth playing, but you can give it a go for yourself.

Thank you for reading my long post. It was a lot of fun looking back on the games I've played this year, and maybe I can post more about it in the future. Stay patient!


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