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Sinn Studios is extremely cool for how they’re approaching Swordsman VR development.

Content of the article: "Sinn Studios is extremely cool for how they’re approaching Swordsman VR development."

It’s becoming a pretty standard thing now to have a good development team work hard to patch a game together over time. The feedback from the community is sometimes crucial for making a game great. I believe this because I’ve seen it happen time and time again. No Mans Sky is one of many examples. I bought it day one, years ago and got a refund. It took a development team, a collective vision and years of thought and feedback to patch together what I go into now. I bought it again and the hard work of a good team made me buy it again. They saw its potential. Gaming is a collective vision.

How many of the games we buy for VR just collect dust because the developers didn’t have a support plan post launch? I’m talking about okay games with potential and a good basis. Because of a lack of vision. (Or money, lets be real)

Swordsman is quickly becoming something much better than what I bought. It’s following the trend of patching a game together. So in a sense, i know I am one of many guinea pigs that have paid to be a part of the development process to help make a realistic sword fighting game. It’s like they had enough game to release it and their plan was to patch it together all along. So we’re actively a part of its development. It’s not something everyone’s going to be into. But it’s a process that’s going to make this game into what the community wants it to be.

The development team is on discord and is responsive. Eager to hear feedback. I’m a left handed player and they launched without a changeable control map. I told them my problem and they added it to the roadmap, actually went as far as to tell me exactly which patch it would be in.

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Their roadmap for development is mouthwatering and they have been delivering on a 3 patch a week schedule. This is what I needed to validate my purchase. The game is good and is only going to get better. I am confident and have now verified this. Just coming by to let y’all know.

Any issues it had at launch have been addressed and they’re patching in a new mystery game mode in the next few days. Axes and dismemberment are all down the roadmap. I see Swordsman being a contender with B&S as far as physics and enemy AI. Just a matter of time.


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