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Skully Review Thread

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Game Title: Skully


  • PlayStation 4 (Aug 4, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Aug 4, 2020)
  • PC (Aug 4, 2020)
  • Nintendo Switch (Aug 4, 2020)


Developer: Finish Line Games

Publisher: Modus Games

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 63 average – 27% recommended – 22 reviews

Critic Reviews

33bitsRubén RionegroSpanish75 / 100

Skully offers a varied and entertaining alternative to platform and skill games, adding a touch of humour and a lot of difficulty. The summoning system provides new playable mechanics but ends up cutting the pace of the game a bit, even though we'll enjoy it just the same. For people with a lot of skill and infinite patience.

Explosion NetworkDylan Blight6 / 10

Skully rolls at its own pace. Which can include some sharp difficulty spikes and lead to some rather frustrating levels. But there’s an undeniable sense of old-school mascot fun to be had here in an adventure that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

FingerGunsGreg Hicks – 8 / 10

A beautiful, hilarious and all-around cute platformer/roller, Skully is deserving of the praise. The difficulty can ebb and flow at times, but don’t let that put you off.

GamePittRob Pitt8 / 10

Despite the frustration and anger which Skully built up within me, this challenging puzzle-platformer is very addictive and one of the most visually stunning indies I’ve played this year. Utilising three different clay-based Forms to solve the multitude of environment-based puzzles was fun and tricky at times, often requiring you to combine their various abilities to come up with a solution. The game is quite brutal and unforgiving, especially if you’re going for the platinum, but as long as you have enough patience and perseverance, you’ll make it through to the final cutscene. It has a few flaws and questionable choices, but the journey is worth it in the end.

GameSpewKim Snaith7 / 10

Quote not yet available

Hardcore GamerJordan Helm3 / 5

It's hard to hold the positives in one's mind without reminiscing on the kind of game Skully could've been.

Hey Poor PlayerKenny McKee4.5 / 5

The time in which all indies were inherently exciting and mysterious may have already passed on by us, but Skully shows that indies can be just as magical as they’ve ever been if you know where to look.

IGN ItalyMarco EspostoItalian7.7 / 10

A good indie platform with interesting ideas, some techcinal problems but very funny to play.

Just Push StartMark Fajardo3.5 / 5

There really isn't much you can say about Skully. It's a rolling platformer that relies on rather simple concepts to sell the experience. It's enough to make the game engaging and in a number of sections challenging, but it really doesn't do anything to stand out. Story is largely just there, dialogue is a bit on the stiff side and visuals often look underwhelming. This isn't to say there is absolutely no reason to play Skully, it actually does a number of things well, it just doesn't stand out in any particular way, ultimately making average feel shine through.

Nintendo LifeChris Scullion6 / 10

Skully isn't an entirely lost cause. There's an entertaining enough puzzle platformer hidden underneath its myriad visual flaws. It may be uglier than sin and you may be accompanied by an irritating voiceover throughout, but you'll still have some fun playing through it and the plot does resolve itself in a nice way by the end. You'll just need to be able to roll with a lot of annoyances to get there.

NintendoWorldReportNeal Ronaghan6.5 / 10

The camera is frustrating, but the twitch rolling and platforming mixed with the increasingly devious puzzles makes for a good gameplay combo. Even though the Switch version's visuals are a little rough, which doesn't play nicely with the overall visual blandness of the levels, the style of the character designs is appealing. Underneath Skully is a lot of charm, but enough issues pile up that pull it back into the mud.

PlayStation UniverseEric Hauter7 / 10

Don't be fooled by the nice-looking world, fun characters, or interesting story. Skully is a clever game with fun puzzles, and some of the most blisteringly difficult 3D platforming I've encountered in years. Be ready to challenge yourself as difficulty spikes put you in a blender and spit you back out. Skully is fun, satisfying and well-made, but not for the faint of heart.

Push SquareLiam Croft5 / 10

Quote not yet available

Saving ContentScott Ellison II3 / 5 stars

For all of its frustration and foibles, Skully's traversal and puzzles make-up the most interesting parts of the game to keep you invested. With a story that manages to actually hit emotionally, it balances out the missteps of the platforming. The collectibles are rather unexciting and the color palette of earth tones lends itself to looking bland, but it'll surprise you. Much like the character, Skully is unassuming and meek, and will fill you with wonder throughout.

SpaziogamesFrancesco CoricaItalian6.8 / 10

Even if it's not a perfect adventure, it may still be worth checking Skully out if you're a fan of puzzle-platformers.

SwitchWatchJason Capp – 8 / 10

Skully is basically two games in one, where one of the games shines brighter than the other. Despite that, the game still tells an incredibly complex story in a fun and whimsical way. The characters are all great, and the journey to the end is one worth taking. For the Switch version, you will just need to look past some of the blemishes as you make your way through.

TechRaptorTyler Chancey5.5 / 10

There are moments where Skully is an exciting and charming adventure though an island paradise. It's just buried under too much annoyances and level design issues.

The Digital FixSeb Hawden7 / 10

Skully is light-hearted, old-skool fun. In an era of online shooters and battle royale titles it is a breath of fresh air. At times difficult but not overly so, it will respect your platforming skills and have you performing daring feats. Nothing is incredibly unique here but what you have is executed well. Skully is not my favourite game of the year but fun distraction nonetheless.

The Games MachineEmanuele FeronatoItalian7.5 / 10

Skully has everything it needs to impose himself as a mix between a frantic platformer like Marble Blast Ultra and an original take on Metroidvania genre, but it wastes too much time before showing its true potential. The lack of enemies and situations to deal with does not help to keep you engaged until the game unleashes all its features, and it is a shame because it's a pretty game, and also very responsive to player input. Anyone willing to bear with the first few hours will be rewarded with fascinating gameplay.

WayTooManyGamesHeidi Hawes7 / 10

The graphics are a lot more polished than in the demo and there is a really good variety in gameplay mechanics. The jumping and chase sequences can definitely be aggravating, but the charming aesthetic and hilarious banter between the siblings will have you coming back for more.

WccftechNathan Birch3.5 / 10

Skully is a masterclass in bad platformer design. Characters that are a chore to handle, sloppy level design, lousy camera controls, irritating puzzles, and a general lack of personality combine to create a profoundly tedious experience. If challenge is literally all you care about (even if it's wildly unfair), Skully might be worth a shot at a steep discount. Everyone else should spare themselves the headache.

WellPlayedKieron Verbrugge5.5 / 10

A frustrating mish-mash of weird and bad ideas that wastes a somewhat enjoyable story and moments of creativity

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