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Skyrim – perhaps I treated you too harshly

Content of the article: "Skyrim – perhaps I treated you too harshly"

Really long post but here goes:

So I got Skyrim maybe 5 years ago or so. At the time I was extremely disappointed in it(mostly due to my incompetence but I will go over other reasons). I revisited it over quarantine and my opinions have changed entirely.

I first brought Skyrim because I was intrigued over every single person on Reddits absolute love for it. Even outside of reddit nearly everyone I knew had played, and enjoyed, this game. Anyway, when I first got it I had no idea how to play an RPG or how skill trees can entirely shake up the game. I just went for an average soldier, healing spell in one hand and a sword in another. The game got boring FAST, I didn’t care about character types like becoming a pure mage, a heavy armour orc or anything in between. I was unaware that this game is made entirely for me to do what I want. However, i did notice problems that weren’t from my idiocy e.g:

1) combat is clunky and kind of stops immersion into the game. It is generally just waiting for a boss to stop moving then bashing it. On my second play through I used spells and relied less on button mashing swords but the point still stands.

2) dungeons and boss fights are definitely repetitive. Most bosses are draugr and the dungeons are just full of Draugrs with the same weapons and things.

3) the map is also quite boring. Landscapes consist of icy forests or grassy forests. However, it is beautiful even in vanilla. Hills do add a nice dynamic as well.

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Anyway, I revisited it maybe a month ago. I really like it I won’t lie. I’ve created a pure mage restricted to only magic. On my older play through I allowed myself to do whatever I liked and it became too easy. I’ve also made more of an effort to complete side quests which has allowed me to carve my character to be who I want it to be. Using magic instead of swords has allowed me to revitalise combat to become more interesting instead of just walking up to someone and hitting the button repeatedly. Skill trees are also huge to how I managed to improve this game for me. It allowed my character to become better as I played and created a rewarding feeling. The main story lacks depth but I don’t care, I guess the options is what makes this game compelling for me.

By the way, I know a bunch of things I have mentioned are just average RPG elements but I’ve played other RPGs (Witcher 3, DS) and I think this game just does RPG mechanics better(for me anyway).


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