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Sniper Elite 4 seems like a good game, but for some reason I just don’t enjoy it.

This game is weird. I really should like it. I like WW2 games. I like sniping. I like stealth. I like large levels that offer you a lot of options in how to tackle objectives. There's nothing overtly annoying about the gameplay. The shooting mechanics are well done and I like the Mortal Kombat style X-ray kill cams.

And yet despite all this, every time I play the game I just find myself getting incredibly bored with it.

There's just something fundamentally wrong with the game that prevents me from getting into it. I can't really put my finger on why either, and that's the strange thing. It could be the extremely slow pace and quietness of the environments. It could be that there's basically no story or any reason to care about doing anything. It could be that the maps are just too damn big. It could be that it's difficult to keep track of the enemies without marking them. It could be that the gameplay is fairly repetitive and there's not really any reason to change up your tactics or try new weapons. It could be that being a sniper is actually not as exciting as it sounds? But whatever it is, I just can't seem to have any fun with the game no matter how much I try. I always lose interest after the first level and then never go back to it.

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The funny thing is I really, really liked Sniper Elite 2, even though I actually played it after SE4. It just felt like a much more enjoyable game despite lacking the larger levels of SE4. I dunno, maybe I just liked it because it was more action-packed, or because of the setting but I couldn't stop playing it after I started whereas with SE4 I still can't force myself to play past the second level.

There's honestly not much else I can say to be honest. I guess some games just don't click even though you think they should. Have you ever played a game you thought you should've liked but for some reason just didn't?


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