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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, a sniping game that feels like it doesn’t want you to snipe.

Content of the article: "Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, a sniping game that feels like it doesn’t want you to snipe."

The graphics are superb, the level design is amazing and allows for many different methods of approach, and the sniping mechanics are pretty cool, but there are too many things holding this back from being on the level of Sniper Elite 4, its closest competition. The number one problem is that despite claiming to be a sniping game, the game does everything to make you NOT want to snipe. I'll go into detail in the next few paragraphs.

A big issue is the enemy AI. These guys must be cyborgs or something, because most of the time, whenever you kill one of them, the rest are alerted immediately. Once they are suspicious they can spot you extremely fast, even though you are far away and blended into the snowy background. The actual act of taking the shot is pretty cool, but it's ruined by the borderline psychic AI.

And once they spot you, absolutely every one of these T-1000 super-soldiers knows exactly where you are, and no matter what distance you are, they can all hit you with pinpoint accuracy from a god damn AK47 and you are dead within seconds. You know that trailer, where the guy takes out an entire base one by one from that one position while they futilely attempt to shoot him? Can't do that in the game. Unless you set the difficulty to easy I guess or you are some master at video games or something. Once you are spotted, you should probably just reload because trying to fire back at them or get back into stealth is an exercise in frustration. Oh and before someone says "Oh you expected a Rambo sniping game and you didn't get that.", go screw yourself. It's deceptive advertising that they show you doing something badass in a trailer, and then make it next to impossible to do it yourself.

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It's almost like the game discourages you from sniping. After a while I mostly didn't bother with it because I felt it was way easier and more efficient to just sneak in and use the silenced pistol, and go Rambo if I was spotted. It was simply way more fun and efficient this way. There is even one target that you CAN'T snipe from long distance. You have to get up within a few meters and kill him. When your game is called Sniper and that's actually the worst way of playing, you know you have a problem. It's like if Hitman made it a pain in the ass to use any of the disguises or opportunities and encouraged you to just run through the map blasting everyone with an assault rifle.

There's also this weird thing where once you leave a certain district of the map, the music stops and all enemies in that section immediately go back into calm mode, like they don't exist anymore, and if you step back in, the music starts again and they are back in alert mode. It was very strange, almost like there's an invisible loading screen or something.

There are a LOT of bugs as well. Framerate drops, audio bugging out, enemies walking into walls, graphical glitches and all sorts of other stuff. The weirdest one was when I was hacking some cameras and for some reason the game switched to third person. It was super trippy. The whole thing just has a janky, unpolished feel to it. Then there are the little things like not allowing to save wherever you want. As far as I'm concerned, any stealth game that comes out in this day and age absolutely needs this feature.

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The length can be a bit of an issue too I guess. There are only around 5 maps and there isn't much reason to replay them. Get it on sale if you can.

Proceed with caution if you are thinking of buying this because if you want to play it as a sniper game, you're in for a frustrating experience.


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