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So am i out of luck? (TLOU2)

So my girlfriend and I have been playing since release on the same account. she has a save much closer to the end on normal difficulty with not much effort put into the player or gun upgrades at all, and i have one on hard that’s (at least i think) at the very end of Seattle Day 1 (not that far i know, but i spend an absurd amount of hours searching EVERYTHING and making sure i miss nothing in even the smallest useless corner of any part of the world) with about 9-10 hours put into it.

Before i left last night, i told her i loaded her save and she can play if she wants. She didn’t hear me apparently and saved her save over mines, thinking she was making sure i wasn’t going to lose any progress. Once she realized she made a huge mistake she attempted to just start a save on that chapter with my difficulty, but realized my found weapons, gadgets, the upgrades, and found collectibles weren’t there along with taking away the possibility of me loading up the auto save once i got back home due to starting a new one.

Am i just shit out of luck? I primarily play on Xbox (it’s her PS4) and i don’t know much about how saves work. Honestly the thought of starting over and scavenging every inch of every area again makes me wanna give up on finishing it (especially the slightly open world point of the game when you first reach Seattle that i spent SO long making sure i looted completely clean) but i just want to make sure before i cry myself back to sleep



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