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So I bought a Quest 2 and own a PSVR and decided to share my findings (Hear me out)

Content of the article: "So I bought a Quest 2 and own a PSVR and decided to share my findings (Hear me out)"

So this is gonna be long but let me explain my VR journey and hopefully this will make a lot more sense. Firstly I know this is a psvr sub and let me start by saying I've had a psvr headset for about 2 years now.

My first look into vr was when I was watching markiplier play dreadhalls on the rift DK 1. It was such a surreal thing seeing him play a game that he could see depth in a game that to me had no depth. Him moving his head and experiencing the fear that brought him to literal tears made me really want the vr headset.

Unfortunately I've never had much money (ironic as I'm talking about vr headsets) but I knew this I wanted so checked how much I would need to buy one.

When I saw that I would cost more than my first car for just the headset I pushed it aside and just forgot about it for a while. Until my work place started selling mobile VR headset a (the headsets where you put your phone in) for about £9.99.

I decided I'd waited long enough and bought one and… Was immediately disappointed. I knew I wasn't going to be getting the best version of vr running it off of my iphone 6 but I was hoping for more and so I put it on the back burner again thinking I'd never get the true vr experience without shelling out enough to level my bank account.

Then I bought myself the Ps4 about 3/4 years back after missing console gaming and in the same year my SO decided I'd waited long enough bought me the PSVR for my birthday in the same year.

I loved my psvr for the longest time but I will admit the novelty did wear out pretty quickly as the style of games on the psvr library were thin to say the least.

I'm not saying there isn't any games as that's obviously not the case but I'm more of a social gamer and the psvr library doesn't have much in the way of social games.

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None the less I bought the move controllers and the vr aim controller and had a blast but always knew I was in a game as the screen door effect (where the pixels are visible and it looks a little like you're looking through a screen door) was really noticeable.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago and my friend had bought himself the oculus quest and had us over for dinner (it was ok due to the Covid restrictions in my county at the time for us to go into each other's houses) and my God it was… Just about the same.

The screen door effect still existed and although the tracking was better I was not completely impressed. Until he put on beat saber.

He showed me you could add more songs custom made by users and the world of possibilities that psvr didn't have. Something I hoped we could get from day one of beat saber on the psvr was custom songs and then seeing this headset I had always thought was a mobile phone with controllers could do it?

So I dug deeper and found you could do most things a psvr could do and more.

So fast forward to last week and I was disappointed I couldnt get a PS5 on release and was searching the interwebs when I saw the oculus quest 2.

I picked one up and the next day it was delivered so I booted it up and oh my God, it was better in almost everyway.

Now I'm not shitting on the psvr and I've seen the new updates for the PS5 with the better frame rate but man am I glad I didn't wait.

Firstly the customisation is to an extent limitless, and there's so many more games available. I firstly picked up beat saber and added the necessary mods to add custom songs and I've got to say as much as I hate saying it, people were right when they said you get half a game with the PSVR version.

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The creativity of the maps alone is something I look forward to regardless if I'm a massive fan of the song or not but the 90FPS is a massive upgrade to the PSVR.

But I then went deeper down the rabbit hole and picked up pavlov and echo arena. I've got to say being able to turn without the cable catching me or getting in my way is a massive plus.

I will say yes there is a downside to this and it's because you do have to stand up constantly which eventually does get tiring and the battery life can be an issue for if you want to play longer than 2 hours but these are little minor things.

The psvr has its strengths though firstly there are some games you can sit down in and play top one being "Blood and Truth" which I have spent hours in but that also has its issues like motion sickness being more prevalent.

I have seen the footage of the scaled up PSVR on the ps5 but this is for only for select games and again I don't own one yet.

So as things stand I think in all honesty if you own a PSVR definitely consider an Oculus quest 2 if you want to branch out into VR further. I know not everyone's going to have the money for one but with Sony's CEO seemingly not being 100% on board with VR right now it's nice to see a company that is only about VR.

As for my PSVR I'll still use it but until the games are all 90FPS and with more variety I'm going to just come back to it like I do now just a couple of times every few months to sit down and play some casual games.


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