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So I just completed Far Cry 3 for the first time, and wow.

Content of the article: "So I just completed Far Cry 3 for the first time, and wow."

I got it for free a while back because of some promotion or something, and I just got around to playing it a couple days ago. First off, let me say that this game aged really well. The graphics are amazing, the story is(mostly) great, the guns are really fun to use, and the vehicles are nice to drive.

The pros of this game are pretty much what I said before. Graphics look on par with something that may have come out in 2014 or 2016. The story was pretty good IMO. I think Vaas is my favorite villain of all time. The vehicles, beit trucks, cars, ATVs, gliders, wing-suits, even zip-lines are all very fun to use. The dialogue was believable and the animations were clean and weighty, they felt real. I hated the idea of having to craft your own equipment at the beginning, but as I advanced through the game, I liked the idea more. I just wish that your equipment had a little bit more storage at the beginning of the game. The gun-play was amazing, nothing more to say. I liked the skill trees, although I didn't even unlock like half of it before finishing the game. The stealth was good and never really felt unfair, except for the rock throwing part, that mechanic is literally impossible to master. I also absolutely love the whole learning to be a warrior and adapting to the island sub-story. It was great to evolve from a scared little man shaking while he stabs a man to save his own life to a full on Rambo lad.

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The cons of the game are just some tweaks I think could have been made here and there, like giving the gliders and wing-suits more control, and the twists and turns in the story were all very predictable. The thing where you can pause during cutscenes was nice up until they ditched it near the end. I also would have liked to be able to have access to all of the skills from the beginning instead of having t o complete certain missions to unlock certain skills. I also feel like the skills should be more essential than they are, pretty much making you complete all the side missions that I did literally none of to level up and get the skills needed to advance. Also, remember that adapting to the island sub-story I was talking about? I wish they had fleshed that out more. It got like 3 sentences to acknowledge it in the script, and some minor changes in dialogue and demeanor. The final and undoubtedly biggest disappointment in the entire game, is the ending. Holy shit it's so bad. (SPOILERS). If you pick the "join Citra" ending, you have to kill your girlfriend, Citra fucks you, and then she kills you. Roll credits. If you pick the "save your friends" ending, Citra dies, you and your friends leave, you have some cool internal monologue and then that's it. Roll credits. The "save your friends" ending was definitely better, but it could still be improved(SPOILERS OVER).

Overall, it was an amazing game, but it could use some work. I had a ton of fun playing it, and maybe this will convince one of you patient gamers to play it too.

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