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So my account got temporarily banned and I’m not entirely sure why.

Content of the article: "So my account got temporarily banned and I’m not entirely sure why."

I'm not on here to debate the decision. What happened has happened . it was an alt account so im not like upset anything. But I am confused at the reasoning. I feel like sony might be a little heavy handed in regards to "derogatory" terms. So let me explain real quick.

Was playing a game of overwatch.

I, admittedly, had a terrible game and we lost. Sorry.

I, as expected, received a message from a teammate. I was expecting the typical "you suck". Instead I was met with "delete the game and kill yourself Fa**ot" except the actual word was not censored.

A message like that does warrant a response of some sort in my opinion because that is just really crossing so many lines that don't need to be crossed.

I replied back with "listen man. I know I had a bad game, but that is completely unnecessary and not something someone should ever say to anyone under any circumstance."

He replied back with "i dint care fa**ot"

So i said "it definitely sounds like you are a little immature. But you should realize that what you say CAN affect people. While I am not personally Gay, I know people and am friends with people that are gay, and they have had that word weaponized against them and it affects them. Call me trash, call me a scrub. IDC, but fuck you for telling me to KMS and then using a hate slur at me over a video game"

Then I left reported him and left the conversation.

About 45 minutes later I get locked out of my account and notified that I was suspended. I was so confused. I checked my email and it said that I was suspended because I used hateful speech or derogatory slurs regarding gender identity and sexual orientation

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I literally said nothing but the word "Gay" in a non derogatory manner.

Did I cross a line by saying what I said? If I did I am sorry but I am just kinda shocked I was suspended. I really don't think I said anything in a hatefuk derogatory manner. All I did was report his use of fa**ot and kill yourself.

Any insight? I mean there isn't anything I can do i just feel like this was SUPER heavy handed. I appreciate that they are taking a huge stance against this type of stuff but there needs to be a little bit of a gradient.

Let's say someone says "wow you are such a fa**ot" to another player.

That player responds with something like "wow I am actually am gay. I'm going to report you" and that person gets suspended for the word "gay" would not look too good. It seems like once a somethin is flagged for reporting , its kinda of an all or nothing response

At least i can find solace in the fact that i definitely got the other immature asshole suspended


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