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Some of the games I played in 2020 and what I thought of them

Content of the article: "Some of the games I played in 2020 and what I thought of them"


I got this game in 2019 actually. But I really started enjoying it this year in march I think. Just like everyone else already has stated, this is a wonderful game with characters that all have tons of personality and one of the best musical scores ever. I disliked the combat though. It was extremely annoying to get randomly approached by enemies. There was a few memorable jokes but this game shines the brightest in it's story moments. (Also I technically never finished it, the flowey boss was too hard for me to beat so I just left the game)


Control is a very special game. While the story can be messy, it's so worth it because of the location, The Oldest House. Every moment of me playing Control was just me wanting to see more unique visuals and awesome space quarries. If you love getting invested in cool worlds, buy Control. Also this game is a 3rd person shooter, the shooting is good, I love how responsive the envoirment is to you blowing up stuff with cool abilities. Thst's not the main point though


BURD is a very small (and free!) indie game where you play as a small bird. It's very short and I don't want to spoil anything but it has the most compelling morality system I've ever seen in any game. Go check it out on! .

The floor is jelly

The second game I got reccomended by amazing and underrated youtuber Table 53 this year, the floor is jelly is a wonderful little indie platformer where the floor is jelly. It's a short game but a sweet one, with dynamic envoirments and the most gorgeous color combinations. Everything in this game just makes me feel good! (Also please check table 53 out, he deserves it)

Ori and the will of the wisps

The sequel to the pretty amazing first Ori game. I found the first one decent. It had it's moments, the ginso tree for example is stronger than many moments from Ori 2, though the second game is pretty awesome. Just like TFIJ this is a platformer with awesome color combinations, this time also with combat that is acceptable. Especially the hammer. I almost can't use it without yelling YEET all the time. Platforming is as good as the first game, better even and the addition of NPCs, a hub village and side quests fit very well. The story is a bit messy. The owl Ku, while very cute, is just a plot device and I hate how they killed off Kwolok, the frog dad. It didn't fit at all. The ending was the best part though. It almost made me cry with how beautiful it was. Many people disliked it but it was perfect to me. seeing tree Ori grow up while Gumo, Naru and Ku also do so gives me a feel I almost can't explain…


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There s nothing about firewatch that hasen't already been said, so I'll keep this one for my own thoughts mostly. A fun thing is that I played this game in a small house during the summer, on the countryside. I got the best possible experience and I love it! It's such a cozy game! The story got me hooked and the ending is exactly what we all know, dissapointing, but real…


Probably the first game I'm mentioning that's primarily a game and secondarily an experience. FTL is a super addicting spaceship game where you get through a galaxy to defeat the rebels. I love this game. It has so many different playstyles and so much content! This is also one of 3 roguelikes that I actually enjoy, the other ones being Enter the gungeon and Noita. If you like to manage and upgrade a spaceship in a roguelike then deginetly get this game. The final boss, the rebel flagship, is also the one most intimidating enemy in almost any game I've played.

Oxygen not included

I got so addicted to this game. Something about making the best colony possible is sooo appealing to me. After creating a self sufficient electrolyzer setup or a chlorine water cleaner I got so proud! Sadly I dropped the game after trying to get oil. I should pick it back up sometime…

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Manifold garden

Ahh… such a relaxing game. At many points I'm just rolling back my chair, watching the scenery. Possibly the best looking game I played 2020. I usually dislike puzzle platformers, but here the puzzles are so seemless and perfectly tuned to the difficulty. Falling infinitely is so relaxing. "40% puzzle game, 60% art".

Dark Souls

I actually started playing DS in January, but this is my post so I'll put it here anyway. Dark souls has everything I want from a game. Lore. Great worldbuilding. The best level design ever. Beautiful envoirments. Tight combat. I haven't finished it yet, I'm currently at Depths but certainly a must play for all people like me! It gave me all the feels that Hollow knight gave me and that is a really good thing.

Rain World

My new favorite game ever. Rain world is like no other game. It has the best creatures, the most cool lore, the nicest community and the best modding in any game ever. This weird survival game is so amazing, I can't put it any other way. All the symbolism of Buddhism and the learning to understand the strange ecosystem you live in, it's all perfect. The music is outstanding. Most of the areas in the game actually have fully functual food chains! How cool isn't that? If you're a fan of games that push the boundaries of what the medium can do, and overall extremely awesome games that have a lot of love put into them, the $20 price tag of Rain world is very low. Any hollow knight fan would also love this I think, I certainly did.


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