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Some players want games to play. Here are the Best Emblem Games For You To Play Next that isn’t 3 House, Echo, or Fate – HF 😃

Content of the article: "Some players want games to play. Here are the Best Emblem Games For You To Play Next that isn’t 3 House, Echo, or Fate – HF 😃"

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Mystery of the Emblem gives you really interesting units early on. The early game isn’t afraid to give you pre-promotes, utility staves, promotional items, items that increase growths etc. This, combined with some really unconventional design-choices and good use of FE1’s weird limitations makes for a really fun experience.

Is it clunky? Absolutely, it’s only the third game in the series after all but even with that clunk I adore the game because it’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing Fire Emblem. u/Narpx

Genealogy and Thracia, one element I love in both is how you can use positioning to manipulate the hitrates, using leadership stars, supports and the charm skill and how the game demands that you do this to deal with the thoughest enemies.

I also honestly like the trading system of genealogy, it's cool how, similiarly to SoV/Gaiden, it really encourages you to make an actual "build" for your character.

Thracia introduces rescue but also adds the captura mechanic, which really adds a new dimension to combat where you can take more risks to obtain rare items (and you can also do silly stuff like letting a though enemy capture one of your units so that their stats are reduced). Having a movement growth is honestly pretty funny, and scrolls are really nice both for avoiding crits and letting you train the weaker characters more effectively.

Edit: just to be clear, when i say "gameplay" I'm talking strictly combat and character development mechanics, if I were to include map design I would rank Binding Blade way higher and Genealogy way lower; I also didn't mention thracia staves because I feel like their greatness comes from the way the maps are designed around them rather than the staves themselves being super interesting. u/X-Vidar

I just started playing Genealogy today, and every time I’m watching the enemy phase my brain just wishes for battalions. u/AAABattery03

I recently finished Thracia, and just wow. Basically everything about a particular map made the story hit harder. For example, in one chapter Leif makes a stupid decision and gets heavily punished in the story, while the map is a dangerous escape chapter with increased movement mounted units chasing you.

In general, I think the map objectives in Thracia make more sense than any FE game in the series as well. There's a lot of escape maps where you need to escape (and they tend to have actual stakes as well, as hordes of enemies will often come out from behind you if you're moving to slowly). Defend maps feel much more "real" than other games in the series (there's actually a map where you're under siege in a castle and the enemy starts whipping out a bunch of ballistas and long ballistas at the bottom of the map).

Finally, it's really cool that the challenges the game creates aren't solely based around simple combat. You can fairly easily beef up some units to have capped stats (all 20 in this game), yet this doesn't really trivialize the game by itself. Keeping your units well-stocked can become a serious issue, so you don't necessarily want to fight everything that moves. Also I feel like Thracia maps encourage you to actually complete the objective at hand rather than just rout the map.

Also, while I don't particularly like GBA FE era games, Binding Blade is standout.

I think I like the gameplay of all the games I mentioned more than the gameplay of games you mentioned. Conquest lunatic is great and all but after finishing it, I felt like I really only liked about 5 or so of the maps. Meanwhile, 3Houses hard is ridiculously easy while maddening tends to be a relatively boring grindfest (It takes waaaay too much work to get your weapon levels up). u/Maxechil

FE4 and 5 use the gameplay to immerse the player better than any other FE I’ve played. FE4’s huge maps where you siege a ton of enemy castles and all the enemies move in formation makes it feel like you’re fighting a huge war. I think that battalions from 3H would be a great addition to a remake because of this. I have only played up to chapter 8 in Thracia, but the Manster escape was probably one of the best arcs I’ve played in an FE game because of how it limits your options by getting rid of most of your starting units and forcing your mounted units to dismount, so they’ll be stuck using swords, which will be in pretty high demand if you didn’t prepare ahead of time, since there aren’t many for you to capture. u/truckemoji (fixed)

fe4 has a lot ofcustomization options alongside a great amount of scale which makes for one hellof a game. fe5 is super whacky. not in a bad way, but not always in a good way. its just really weird. u/ZealousRadiance

While I love Judgral stories, they are in a desperate need of a face lift. Just playing a pre-GBA game is very jarring after playing a newer game due to just how archaic things are in 4 and 5.

I’m crossing my fingers that IS gets the sense to remake these games (separately), cause these have the best stories in the series, and I’d love to see it get the Switch treatment. I think these games would make a killing if they were remade. But I have a strong feeling it’s gonna be 6/7 getting remade next. u/zazild92

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