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Someone keeps trying to log into my account

I'm really annoyed with twitch because when I emailed them about the situation they told me to either change my password or turn on 2 step authentication. Ive done this. Someone still keeps trying to log in.

Idk if its glitches from the app that needs major fixing or if its someone trying to log in. I only have the app I use on my phone and I keep getting emails that says " here is your code we notice your trying to log in" . Its like when you log in and they send the code of the numbers to your email? Its like that. Like someone attempting to log in.

Nobody uses my twitch account and it's the same account I've had for a couple years now. I stopped using it for like 1 year and started back up again. Anyway i noticed this problem a couple months ago. Thats when I emailed twitch my.issue and I changed my password. Then I turned on the extra security step to text a code to my number. Just like how my xbox does. But when I open the app its already logged me in. I never get codes sent to my phone.

Even when this person is trying to log in I only get the codes to my email. Never to my phone. Which also makes me think this could be a glitch with twitch or someone is just trying to hack me.

Clearly turning on the extra security step did not help me and changing my password didn't as well. I have screenshots of the codes I keep getting. They started back up again last night someone tried 2 times and again this morning. So I dont want to go back and forth with twitch if they arent going to help me. Has this happened to anyone else??

I think I'll just log in to twitch on a pc to delete it completely.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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