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Sonic and the Secret Rings is Underrated as Shiatsu

Content of the article: "Sonic and the Secret Rings is Underrated as Shiatsu"

This game is a really good Sonic title and a really good platformer in it's own right. Not only is a full fledged platformer, but it has a second mode called Sonic Party. It's basically a Mario Party clone and holds up very well in it's own right.

Once you get comfortable with the controls the game is a real gem. It's extremely deep and satisfying. It's also tough as balls. The gameplay is deep and you can tell the designers spent a lot of time and the layout. It feels like a substantial platformer. It feels like they used the same kind of game design philosophy they used in the 90's. Where they designed the game to actually give you a challenge. It forces you to think ahead and master the controls, then puts you to the test. The designers spent a lot of time putting things together in different and unique ways.

It follows a very Sonic Generations map design. In fact, I believe this is the first 3d Sonic game to have this type of design. You're on a track and you have to move left or right and you have the option of taking branching paths. There is no hub worlds. There's no free roaming. Sonic is constantly moving forward and building momentum unless the player stops him. Momentum plays a fairly big role a lot of the time in this game.

Secret Rings is controversial and I think a lot of the hate comes from the controls. It's almost entirely controlled with motion controls. Similar to racing games, you use the wii-mote gyroscope to move left and right. You flip the control upside down to stop, and shake it to jump/homing attack.

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Seems simple enough, but this game came out 2-3 months after Wii's launch. I think it suffered a lot from people being unaccustomed to those types of controls. Similar to the mixed reviews on ExciteTruck. I know a lot of people who could never get the hang of the motion controls. Some people just aren't very dexterous or have a harder time picking up using a novel control system. I'm not as good with a controller as I am with a keyboard and mouse with basically everything except racing games.

In any event. If you feel comfortable with motion controls on a Wii, then this is one of the best platformers I've ever played. It will definitely put you to the test.


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