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Sonic Generations is a fun game that could be much better

I like to think about Sonic Generations as a nice little homage to the blue hedgehog. It is not a very good game per se, but it is good enough, and it is fun to play overall. The one thing that draws my attention is the amount of extras (as artwork, music and so on), so this game works as a nice little museum about the Sonic. The stages are fun, but they could be more polished, sometimes the fast action doesn't work as intended.

You have two ways of playing it: with the modern Sonic and classic Sonic (the former 3D, with a few 2D parts, the last one is exclusively 2D). It is fun and it is interesting to see 3D stages in the 2D form, and the other way around too. The skateboard stage from Dreamcast, for instance, is very fun to play in 2D, and they added a fun little skate to play the stage, and that works pretty well. Chemical Plant is really fun 3D, the first time we see the stage in this form.

But sometimes Sonic hit walls, fall out of nowhere, the game is ok but those moments take the fun away a little bit. It is clear that this game needed a few more months, so the stages could be polished. The action could be a bit better. But it is alright, it is playable, songs are ok and the visuals look good.

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I think Sonic Colors (the best Sonic game that nobody played, because many people into Sonic didn't have the Wii at the time) is a bit better though. In Sonic Colors, you don't have the 192th recreation of Green Hill Zone. It is everything original and it shows, some stages are really beautiful and the wisps add a bit of variety. But it suffers from the same problems in Generations, the lack of polish in the action and level design department.

The levels are fun, but with a bit of a poor design. Just compare any stage in Sonic Mania with the stages here (both 2D or 3D) and the difference is astonishing, Sonic Mania has a rich and complex design, and in Generations everything is too scripted and dumbed down. But it is fun enough, they are not bad at all.

You may add some extra tweaks (that you unlock in a little shop in the map), and they work like hacks, you can make Sonic faster, put a little effect on a few things, it is cool but it doesn't change the gameplay too much.

If you are a Sonic fan, or are just curious about it, it is maybe worth a try, it is not the best game you will ever play in your life, but it is fun and you can unlock some cool extras about the Sonic history. It is a well presented game and a fun one. Mania is much better, but this one is not bad!

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