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Sony marketing needs to do a better job advertising and explaining Returnal

Content of the article: "Sony marketing needs to do a better job advertising and explaining Returnal"

The game launches in two months and yet I feel like many people are sleeping on Returnal. And what's even worse is that many people seem to be utterly confused about what this game is about.

Every post that shares new information about Returnal has a good number of comments saying that they don't understand what the game is and why they should pay $70 for it. If not even this subreddit understands the game what about the more casual gamer who doesn't pay attention to podcasts, news articles etc.

The hardcore fans of Housemarque were enough to make their smaller top down shooters financially viable. But with Returnal being a AAA $70 game they absolutely need to get the mainstream audience on board. This is not something like God of War or Spiderman where just showing the logo creates hype. This is a completely new IP that is very different from what people are used to and as a result needs to actively get people on board.

So they absolutely need to push out trailers and marketing slogans that explain in simple terms:

  • what the core gameplay loop is
  • how the progression system works
  • why this game is worth $70 dollars (e.g. unlimited replayability)

They should also release a State of Play where they walk you through the game and show how a typical run in Returnal would work and how every run you do is different.

How do you guys feel about this? I personally fear that this might turn out to be a critical darling but fail to meet sales expectations with the way they are currently marketing the game. The average gamer has no idea what a "rogue like" is or what cosmic horror is or who David Lynch is. Yet this is how they are talking about the game.

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There's still 2 months left to turn this around but at least right now I am not confident that the average gamer will take notice of this game and understand its appeal.

Edit: as expexted there were also several replies to this post from people who have never heard of Returnal before or don't know what to make of it. So here' a brief explanation. Returnal is a PS5 exclusive AAA 3rd person shooter developed by Housemarque. Combat looks somewhat similar to Doom Eternal. What's special about this game is that the main protagonist is stuck in a loop where you crashed on an alien planet and every time you get killed you awake back at the crash site but with the world around you having changed and shifted. This makes the game highly replayable as every playthrough will be unique and the story continuously unfolds with every new attempt at beating the game while you unlock more and more upgrades and new content on your way to escape an alien planet.

Also Playstation just released a new gameplay trailer that showcases combat a bit more:


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