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Soundtracks that have altered your perception of them due to the game experience?

Content of the article: "Soundtracks that have altered your perception of them due to the game experience?"

Recently I was listening to a podcast (I can't remember which one, but I think it was the Gamer's With Jobs podcast) and one of their topics was soundtracks they listened to outside of a game, like exercising, relaxing, driving, etc. I don't listen to a lot of soundtracks, more often than not the music is muted and I'm listening to a video, podcast or audiobook, but for some reason that hit me and made me want to re-visit some of the soundtracks from games I either remember or may have missed that got high notes for music that I just muted.

I didn't really sit down and enjoy them so much as flipped my usual script, I listened to those while playing games without a notable soundtrack or while doing activity that I would normally listen to a podcast/audiobook while doing. Long story short, I didn't really learn much other than sort of confirm I don't really care much about listenting to soundtrack even in game. Until I hit Mass Effect, which I'll explain below, and that led me to this question, what are the soundtracks that are clearly meant to be taken one way but you react them to them in a completely different manner due to your interaction with them in the game?

Let me give you an example using Mass Effect, specifically Mass Effect 3 A Future for the Krogan. When I played the game the first time Mordin sacrificed himself and released the cure. And A Future for the Krogan is playing and it its a sort of half somber and half hopeful sort of way, you've lost a friend but in the service of saving a species, and another friend, who can now bloom. However when I played through that I was so pissed. Part of it was I felt I didn't have any other option but to sacrifice Mordin with how I was playing when I thought there could have been a different way and part of it was I didn't think much of the saving the Krogan part, I was thinking of avenging Mordin. I was in a murder hobo seething anger mood when I first played that sequence.

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And that carried over into the association with the music. Even though I played it through again while saving Mordin another time and even though I recognize the music is clearly not meant to be a angry and heart pumping, when I hear that song I want to get into an FPS game and shoot people.

That's the best example I can think of. I'd say I've got contradictory feelings over the Mass Effect theme as well, and some of the God of War soundtrack. And I want to know what other soundtracks have hit people in the same way, where the events in the game have affected how you see the music in ways that clearly aren't in-line with the music on it's own merits or the intended effect in-game?


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