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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review

Content of the article: "South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review"

So as a huge South Park fan I feel like I should have played this by now. I played The Stick Of Truth upon release and really enjoyed it and I’ve actually had this on my shelf for a couple of years now. I’ve just this minute finished it so I’m going to put my thoughts down here.

The animation is fantastic, cutscenes are exactly how the show is portrayed and it blends into real gameplay perfectly. So well in fact that sometimes I wouldn’t even notice a cutscene had ended because I hadn’t tried to move yet and everyone is still talking. It literally feels like playing a South Park movie and I loved it.

The plot puts you as a new kid in the town and introduces you to the circle of main characters. Unlike the last game this one follows the storyline based off the coon & friends episodes where they create their own superhero franchise. This is great because it gives the plot a reason to be unrealistic by using the excuse of ‘well its just their imagination’.

There’s not a lot of new in this game, it mainly revolves around well known characters from previous episodes but it does so in a way that provides a lot of fan service. However the sheer amount of references and detail is astonishing. In both the environment and the plot.

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This game improves on the biggest issue with the last game, the combat. As I recall the Stick Of Truth used a very basic static turned base system that could often lead to spamming attacks until you got earned a final blow. This game takes the initiative to introduce a tile system where party members must choose whether to move around the board during their turns, as a result of this attacks, buffs and heals only affect certain squares meaning you have to keep track of where you are and not just what you’re doing. While still simplistic it is much more compelling and actually leads to a few difficult battles that require some pre planning.

Having said all of this the game’s biggest strength is the humour. Games based around tv shows often lose their humour but it feels on point this time. This game was absolutely hilarious from start to finish. I never really knew what to expect and there were a good few moments I was actually surprised ended up being in a game. There’s loads of dialogue and the battles don’t resort to the same repeated catchphrases every few minutes, in fact party members often make comments about the enemy your facing but refer to the other party member by name. As party members are interchangeable it means they’ve added specific dialogue in battles for party members you may not even choose to use.

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In summary it feels like a great extended movie for the show, at around 20 hours completion on my save file it doesn’t feel like a cash grab either. In fact the whole thing feels high effort, a real tribute to the series and the ideal game for fans. While the game is simplistic in nature and far from an in depth RPG, I had a huge amount of fun playing this game and I don’t have a clue why I didn’t pick it up earlier.

8/10, very fun


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