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speculation on ubisoft+ payment problem

Content of the article: "speculation on ubisoft+ payment problem"

so this may be public knowledge for some people but here is some info on the Ubisoft+ payment system, also sorry if this has been posted here already.


forum source :*READ-FIRST-BEFORE-POSTING*-Help-us-help-you!

First thing, Sorry for my English, it's not my first language and I'm not really in the mood for grammar checks right now.

Like many people I got myself a Ubisoft+/uplay+ subscription, and like also a lot of people my subsctiption got "suspended", now fortunately I did not have the money in my account to pay the damn thing twice like some others have so that's a good thing.

Now why did my ubisoft+ subscription get suspended.

Well, that's complicated, I dont think its a scam like many people say it is, although it may seem like one. Truth be told, this seems to me more of a case of incompetence that straight up malice, which in a way perfectly describes Ubisoft.

So let's get to the core of the problem which is of course Ubisofts payment system, form what I have gathered form the forum the thing functions like this:

"When you sign up for UPLAY+ we send an authorization request to ensure your payment method is valid. While the request is processed, the funds are not transferred to Ubisoft, but put on a temporary hold. This hold is cancelled daily by Ubisoft, but it may take more time for your financial institution to release the funds. For more information on how your financial institution handles holds, please reach out to them".

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So that means that Ubi does not just take your money like any normal service, they actually take the money and put it on hold as a way checking that your payment method is legit. Then once a day they just clear the money automatically, this has one problem which is that your bank will probably not have cleared the payment yet (mine takes 5 days to do it), so Ubi just assumes that something went wrong on your end and suspends your subscription

now other companys do this, iv heard that paypal does a similar thing, but the thing is that most of the companys dont hold the entire payment not to mention that this is a subscription service that does not garantee imideate acces which is ridiculous.

Then comes the fun part, since your subscription automatically resets as a default, and the system dose not make the difference between a suspended subscription they just reset it automatically.

So this explains most problems like double payments and subscriptions randomly getting suspended.

Now I do believe that you end up getting your money back sience it just ends up on hold again, but that can vary, as for the double payments, since i have not been trough it I cant really comment on it but it seems like it can easily loop and drain your account .

Ubisoft shold probably change this since this system just does not work for a subscription based system, but since they have keept it for a year now, it does not look like is going to change

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But how do we fix it, well in my case I can see my money being held on my bank app so I can probably just call them to clear it but it may vary for other people. I haven't tried yet since its 3 am where I live, but ill keep this post updated with my findings.

Finally, just to say that even though this info was on the forums I feel like Ubi should make this stuff more clear since I had to search for hours.

Also they should fix the support page, it's honestly ridiculous not to be able to even post a ticket there

Hope this helped someone, and I wish everyone luck on their magical journey trying to use/refund this service 🙂

I for one im gona try to get it to work since Im enjoying Wach dogs Legion but Im not renewing it any time soon.

right now im goning to sleep so ill try ind fix it in the morning.


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