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Spider-Man & why do people bristle so hard at the notion that game content should be skippable?

Content of the article: "Spider-Man & why do people bristle so hard at the notion that game content should be skippable?"

This isn't just about Spider-Man, but I was watching the PS5 event and got into a conversation about

, a pretty uneventful forced walk section through a street fair. My contention isn't with the section itself, but rather that it isn't skippable in the same way cutscenes are. It was a big problem I had with Spider-Man PS4, forcing us to play through the walking as well the stealth sections with Miles / MJ, when really I just wanted to swing & beat up dudes. I get that there are people who like those sections — it's valid to put them in the game, but as someone who was already skipping the cutscenes of course I didn't like them, the story wasn't there for me. But I had the option to skip the cutscenes, which leads to the obvious point of if I'm allowed to do that, I should also be able to skip the sections whose effectiveness are almost completely predicated on having been engaged with said skipped content. It's just that usually when I bring this up, people get hung up either on allowing players to skip gameplay or that it changes the game from an artistic / developer's vision perspective. And to both those things I say: sure, but what's wrong with that?

If you own any other piece of media: movies, tv, comics, anything that isn't live, you can skip content you don't want. You don't like a particular character in an ensemble HBO drama and skip their sections? You want to watch John Wick or Avengers just for the action scenes? You wanna watch a news show at 1.5x speed? That's so in the realm of individual taste that no one cares, but it seems that suggesting developers should, say, let a player skip an entire mission, like the only good feature from Alone in the Dark 2008, is sacrilege to a lot of gamers.

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I know it isn't exactly the same, because any skip can introduce weird game states or bugs, but it isn't much of an issue for games with self-contained levels or missions (the mission design in Spider-Man being a good example) and generally the skips I'm describing exist in the developer builds and have to be intentionally taken out before release. And to be clear, I think having the option should be as prevalent as cutscene skips for all sections of a game, both story and gameplay driven. Even if your game is a Dark Souls or Doom or all about challenge, you can still say "this is a cheat and know before you do this it is cheating, so 100% don't do it if you want to perserve the intended experience". Because really, how few games are there that don't have a boss or escort mission or water level or something, it could really be anything, that you wish you could skip? Ultimately it just means more player agency & choice, and I don't think there's anything more fundamental to gaming than that.

Edit: To people downvoting: What do you disagree with? I honestly want to know.


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