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Splinter Cell Conviction is a step in the different direction (an opinion)

Content of the article: "Splinter Cell Conviction is a step in the different direction (an opinion)"

Splinter Cell Conviction, developed by Ubisoft, released in 2010, a stealth action game.


not much comment as I play on shitty laptop, it's set on medium in 1280×720 resolution. It's not ugly, but I've also seen better.


also not much comment, it's… decent I guess? nothing memorable in music and the sfx do its job.


ohh boy, where to start? it's a Splinter Cell games, but way different than previous ones, especially my favorite Chaos Theory. Bear in mind that I haven't played Double Agent (the game after CT but before Conviction), so some of these changes may already been in DA but I don't know them.

Gone are the light and sound meter, you now only has binary indicator of being in the light or not, shown by colors on the game. If you're in darkness, the game will turn greyscale.

It kind of provide less strategy in stealthy approach, all sounds you make are heard now compared to in Chaos Theory where you can run around cracking fireworks and no one will hear you if you're in a noisy area.

Sam is also more agile now compared to previous games, which is weird considering he's older(?) in this game. I'd understand if this is a new young protagonist, like Sam's protege or something but nope, it's good old Sam Fisher.

You'll have faster movement and more acrobatic maneuver like climbing short walls and stuff, which is pretty useful since the gameplay now more action-y.

Gone are the slow-paced stealth where you slowly learn guard's path of patrol and plan accordingly, decide to kill (that will raise alarm if corpse found) or just knock them out (that will risk the guard waking up again). You now only has two options: melee or shoot, and both of them kill your target.

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Gone the various gadgets like before, you may get your signature goggles back but the all-purpose rifle SC3000 with variety of use bullets and pistols that can temporarily disable electrical devices are gone. Instead you got the Mark & Execute, by doing melee takedown, you obtain 1 chance to do it. Each weapon has maximum number (upgradeable) of enemies it can "Mark", after you mark everyone you can press a button, and Sam will shoot them in succession with perfect accuracy. It looks fucking cool, but further emphasise that this is more of an action-stealth game, rather than stealth-action.

No more whistling to lure enemies.

And no more dark humor in interrogation as the entire aspect of interrogation are downsized to only several key characters, you can no longer interrogate common grunts to gain information that can help you finish a mission.


it's… not mindblowing or anything, just something to give Sam reason to do what he's doing.

UI Design

This is probably the one thing I like about this game. It's simplified from previous games, and you can see objectives without opening any menu. By holding the 'show objective' button (tab in PC), the game shows your objective like a light in the shape of letters, highlighting a solid object. It's also a recurring theme, showing Sam's flashes of memories as some kind of projected images on solid surface.

Last words.

Splinter Cell–up to Chaos Theory–is a genre that I would call "Pure Stealth", where if you find yourself in a frontal shootout, you'll be dead in no time. It heavily encourages stealth, giving you every tools and gadgets to support it, while discourage a frontal firefight.

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Conviction marks the shift in that genre (or maybe Double Agent?), what once was a pure stealth game, now an action-stealth game. It's not an action game with stealth aspect like Sekiro or Skyrim or Assassin's Creed, it's–in its core–still a stealth game, now sprinkled with much more action aspects than its predecessors… a bit too much I'm afraid.

It's like Assassin's Creed that start as action game and now shifted into an action-RPG, Splinter Cell start as a pure stealth game, and now shifted into action-stealth.

It's not a bad game, I enjoyed it.

Just not much of what I hoped for when I see "Splinter Cell" in the name.


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