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Spoilers I just finished Final Fantasy XV. It is a game that tries way too hard to tell an emotional story, but ultimately fails.

Content of the article: "Spoilers I just finished Final Fantasy XV. It is a game that tries way too hard to tell an emotional story, but ultimately fails."

Hi all, I just finished my playthrough of FFXV and wanted to share my thoughts. This is actually my 3rd final fantasy game, I played FFX fully and then tried and gave up on FFX-2. This game felt a lot different to play although the tone and story is pretty close to FFX.

Firstly, let us get the positives out of the way:

  1. The game looks absolutely stunning, the visuals, the world and even the character models are top notch.
  2. I really liked the way the friendship between the gang was portrayed, the dynamics of each of their friendship with Noctis was unique and even realistic. The activities they did together and the banter all contributed, which was good to see.
  3. I thought the gameplay and combat were great too. I have always been okay with the prompt style parry and counter options so I didn't mind it too much, had a lot of fun with warping and phasing around. Unlocking aerial combat upto airstep made it even more fun to play.
  4. I really enjoyed most of the boss battles. Even the cut-scene filled ones like the Leviathan battle and the Ardyn final battle. The amazing background score and the visuals more than made up for not having a proper combat filled fight.
  5. Unlike many others I really liked the idea of transition from open world to linear storyline. My biggest complaint with majority of the open world games is that the pacing is unrealistic and annoying that our protagonist is out doing silly fetch quests when the world is ending around him. Here, I thought the switch idea was good, When the player and his friends have only a vague idea of what they are supposed to do they, enjoy the open world, do some fetch quests, go fishing etc. and when things start happening, you have to start focusing on your main goal.
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Now here come the negatives.

  1. Majority of the side quests were absolutely terrible. The only two side quests that I actually felt had any meaning were the walk with Iris that gave some insight into her character and her relationship with Noctis, and the side quest with Sarah which was very fun. Most other side quests were simple mindless fetch quests.
  2. The game tries really hard to make you feel emotions, the music, the dramatic camera shots, the deaths, all of them are designed to make you feel. But the problem is there is not enough character development to actually make the feeling persist. What's the point in Cindy getting so much screen-time except for T&A, more relevant characters to the plot could have been developed instead of her.
  3. Noctis is supposed to really care for Luna, but as a player I don't really see why? For a majority of the game, their whole relationship to me was akin to some kind of cosmic business arrangement. Although their notebook messages and childhood memories are sweet, I know nothing about Luna as an adult except that she is the Oracle and a kind, benevolent character. The game does try to remedy this by offering some insights into her character and how excited she was to marry Noctis etc. but by then it was already too late.
  4. The main villain was not a good character at all, I haven't played the DLC yet, but in the main game his motivations were very unclear and all of his actions were just like that of a "mysterious madman".
  5. The ending felt very rushed or at least poorly planned. The 10 year gap was handled really badly. I would have actually liked to have a few quests where I am putting the gang back together etc.
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Overall, I think I really liked the game, I liked FFX too and after absolutely hating the atrocity that was FFX-2, it was good to play another Final Fantasy game that I enjoyed. I always enjoy games that try to evoke emotions or tell a good story, and FFXV does try to do that, it fell a little flat but still it was decent enough to keep me engaged throughout.


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