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Spoilers inside Life is Strange Before the Storm is a great game, but I wish it had come out before the first one.

Content of the article: "Spoilers inside Life is Strange Before the Storm is a great game, but I wish it had come out before the first one."

The main problem I have with Life is Strange, is that, throughout the whole game, there's this subplot about Rachel's disappearance and how it affects Chloe.

However, we the players (and Max), have no idea who Rachel is or even what she looks like. We only know what Chloe tells us, and that Chloe's upset about it, but it is difficult to sympathize with some random NPC we know nothing about. Heck, just giving us Chloe's journal from Before the Storm would do wonders in building her character.

Take Chloe herself, we are supposed to care about her, but she's insufferable and annoying throughout the entire game, only getting some real moments near the end, during the flashback and alternate timeline sections.

I fell like Before the Storm does a great job of humanizing and making us care about the characters, but mostly Chloe. Her struggles and, most importantly, why she likes Rachel.

The relationship with Joyce, the school troubles, her still not being over her father's death, it's all made very clear and resonated with me strongly, in a way the first game failed to do.

By the end of the game I was really liking Rachel, and totally understood Chloe and how losing Rachel reminded her of losing her dad. But there was always this thought in the back of my mind, that I shouldn't care about Rachel since I knew she was dead anyway.

There's also Max, who isn't present, but by reading all the Journal entries and texts, it becomes clear how much Max means to Chloe and how much she needs her. It also gives amazing insight on some of Chloe's insecurities and fears. It made me understand why in the first game she is acting the way she is, and why she gives Max so much shit. It doesn't excuse her behavior, but makes her sympathetic, instead of just an angst asshole teen.

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Finally, the fire. It's this big deal and looks scary, but I know Arcadia isn't going to be destroyed, something that caught me completely by surprise during the first game, where the storm does come and wrecks everything.

This game makes the entire death of Rachel much more powerful, since she spends the entire game with us, and the last episode of the first game a lot stronger, IF you play it first.

It really does feel like chapter one of the story, and I really didn't like how it was a prequel instead.

What are your thoughts on it? I still love the game, specially the art direction and characters, but I do feel like there was a lot of wasted potential there.


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