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Naughty dog messed up with the marketing of Last of Us 2 that could’ve made it unforgettable

ND made two big mistakes in my opinion: The marketing and the sequence of the entire game.

Lets be clear – this is actually 2 games in one.

After finishing this game I am incredibly upset about the missed opportunity of what could’ve been the greatest reveal in the game. I will admit, I did not want to play as Abby after what she did, but what if I didn’t know about it? Abby’s story works as a standalone. It’s actually pretty good and has a great ensemble of likeable characters.

If Abby’s story came first keeping everything intact including her flashbacks and dreams, players would slowly come to realize and sympathize with her motives. Just imagine what it would feel like when you walk through the flashbacks and dream sequence to realize its from the firefly perspective. Imagine what it would feel like once you catch up to the sniper at the airport. Imagine the theater scene right after we watch a distraught Abby from the aquarium.

Then the first game ends and the second begins and you experience Ellie’s revenge story and motive. This would actually make the player feel what the creators of the game intended – remorse for killing some of the characters.

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ND marketing team should’ve advertised this as a new cast in the same world as ellie and joel. There should’ve been zero reveal about them in trailers. We should’ve seen trailers for Abby and her friends. Sure the goal was to lure in joel and ellie fans but they would eventually reach that crowd within a week or two of the games release when word of mouh and internet spreads about the original cast being in the game.

Think about this a lot of movie trailers give away too much. Some people don’t watch trailers for that exact reason. You go in almost knowing the plot. This needed to be blind for players going in. Thoughts?


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