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SSBU Reveal Schedule Theory

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Alright, so, many Nintendo fans always question on when the next smash reveal is going to be. Some may think tomorrow, or March, or E3, or maybe not until next year! I think I just found out a way on when to expect the last three reveals. When going through announcements of DLC fighters in Smash Bros Ultimate, I noticed a pattern. Joker was revealed at the Game Awards (December, 2018), Hero and Banjo were revealed at E3 (June, 2019), Terry was revealed in a Nintendo Direct (September, 2019), and Byleth was revealed in a stand-alone Direct (January, 2020). Going by this pattern, Min Min and Minecraft Steve were most likely supposed to be revealed at E3 2020 (June, 2020) before the event was sadly cancelled due to Corona concerns, with Min Min remain in the E3 timestamp (June, 2020), and Steve taking the Fall timestamp (October, 2020). Sephiroth was revealed at the Game Awards (December, 2020). This leads me to these timestamps: March-June, September-October, and December-January. This means that either 1 or 2 out of the 3 fighters are going to be revealed around the March-June timestamp (Most likely around E3 time), and if only 1 fighter is revealed within that timestamp, the 2nd will most likely be revealed around the fall timestamp (September-October, 2021). Another pattern I found in terms of reveal scheduling is that: Joker was revealed at the Game Awards 2018 (December, 2018), Byleth was revealed in a stand-alone Direct (January, 2020), and Sephiroth was revealed at the Game Awards 2020 (December, 2020). If we go by this pattern, this means that the 3rd and final fighter reveal should take place around December, 2021-January, 2022 in a stand-alone “Final Presentation” Direct. This makes perfect sense, as they did the exact same thing when they revealed the final DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS in 2016. It would also make sense, as the bigger timeframe (usually around 15-35 minutes) would give them enough time to reveal the fighter, explain his/her Moveset, and talk about what else they have to offer. This is just a theory, so I could be wrong, but this is just speculation for when I think they might reveal the last 3 fighters. Thank you for your attention.

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