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Started playing Star Wars Battlefront II for the first time. Looking to discuss a few things.

First let me provide a little background. I used to love the original Star Wars Battlefront/ Battlefront II games on PS2. I was a pretty active gamer during the early 2000’s and Battlefront was definitely one of my most beloved games. But I haven’t played a SW Battlefront game in well over 10 years. In fact, with the exception of the last couple months, I haven’t played really any video games in probably 8+ years.

Anyway, long story short I recently bought a gaming laptop which is my first gaming device since 2013. This has obviously put me in a great position to be a “patient gamer”. I mean literally any game from the last 10 years is new to me! So remembering how much I loved the old SW Battlefront games, I decided to start the newer Battlefront 2 game this week. I’ve only played it a couple of times so far but I already would like to discuss some things with this community.

I’ll start with first impressions. I began with the campaign so that I could get familiar with the game. Having not played much video games in so long, I was super impressed with the cut scenes. Was this game known to have really great graphics or do I just not know any better haha? Because they looked amazing in my opinion. Also, maybe I’m in the minority on this but the game play mechanics (might not be using the right term here) gave me some serious nostalgia. I had gotten so used to the feel of Call of Duty. It’s the last game series I played a lot before abandoning video games, and its what I had mostly been playing these last few months. But the way you control your character in this game took me right back to 2005 to the original Battlefront! Hard to describe it but to me it is definitely distinct, and much slower paced that typical FPS. Despite the feeling of nostalgia coming over me, I had one problem. I SUCKED. Man I kept dying on the first mission. I couldn’t get past this one specific checkpoint for like 6 deaths in a row. The part where you’re near your final escape and your droid is taking forever to slice the door. Just kept getting bombarded by the rebels and dying so easily. Which leads me to my first question for you guys. Do you think its normal for a player as fresh as me to struggle as much as I am? I have it on the medium difficulty setting. I did some research and apparently this campaign is considered to be pretty simple. So what does that say for me struggling on the first mission! Did anyone else struggle a bit in the very beginning? I would chalk it up to me just being horrible at video games now, but it did not take long for me to get pretty decent at COD again. Got owned in my first dozen matches or so but I’m usually near the top of the scoreboards now. Maybe it will just take me a few more missions to start getting better at Battlefront. I sure hope so, because it’s definitely not very fun dying a dozen times before completing a mission.

Also, I just want to mention that the ewok hunt game is so fun! It’s the only multiplayer game mode I have played yet (and I’ll probably keep it that way until I get better at this game). My first time playing I got 3 kills as a stormtrooper before dying. Thought maybe I wasn’t so bad at this game after all. Well I have failed to log a kill since, stormtrooper or ewok. But its still very fun to me. Puts you on edge being hunted in the dark like that! As the stormtrooper you initially feel like the superior fighter who should have the upper hand. But it doesn’t take long for the ewoks to change your mind in that regard!


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