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State of r/PS5 – Have Your Say Community Feedback

Content of the article: "State of r/PS5 – Have Your Say Community Feedback"

Hello All, we hope you have had a great break and managed to get some rest and plenty of play time in. Over the past few weeks, this sub has transformed from a relatively quiet place posting news and updates to an extremely rapid growth of buzzing activity with many repeat themes as we approach 1m members.

We have heard plenty of opinions, frustrations and suggestions, both on posts as well as sent to us directly via ModMail. We acknowledge that there is a large volume of repeat concepts (Here's my PS5 wrap! Which headset should I get? What game should I play? Watch me play sniper montage!) and technical questions (I have coil whine, how to fix? My game crashed, what to do? Is rest mode fixed? Do PS4 discs work on PS5 Digital Edition?) etc.

It has been a considerable challenge to manage this influx of content and for every repeat post you see, there are dozens upon dozens that are removed behind the scenes. Not to mention the significant spam, referral links, scalpers, shitposts, flamebait and clickbait.

There appears to be 2 main themes emerging from the community:-

  1. There are some that would like the sub to be more 'grown-up' and focused on games, news and value-add discussions similar to r/Games. This enables it to be a reliable go-to place for your daily latest PS5 related content and not have to wade through or be deterred by the repeat content & incessant personal questions. That content could be redirected to r/playstation which is also more open to pictures of boxes, attention seeking posts, tech support and memes.
  2. There are others that believe there's no reason to limit content to specific categories and would prefer the sub to remain open to all content and self-moderate itself similar to r/Gaming or r/PS4 instead. This would have a lot more fluff content of (subjectively) lower overall quality and usefulness for the bulk majority. However, it's worth noting that this content does get upvoted significantly more which may also be an indicator of popularity.
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Here's where you get to have your say. What do you think? Are you in Camp #1 or Camp #2? Maybe you have an alternative view you would you like to see here? What are your suggestions and comments? Constructive feedback is highly encouraged and welcome. Emphasis on constructive and remember Rule #1: Be Nice.

We are listening to the community's feedback and assessing the best course of action to give r/PS5 it’s identity into the new year and beyond.

Thank you.


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