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Steam phishing accounts asking to vote for CSGO team. Links to extremely real looking phishing website.

Content of the article: "Steam phishing accounts asking to vote for CSGO team. Links to extremely real looking phishing website."

Just got a message from a friend that I've played many games with asking if I can can vote for his CSGO team. I knew he was really into CSGO so I told him absolutely. It sent me to a website called eslvotelog, which actually provides links to a real website. I started to log in, but it asked for my full steam account and password, complete with authenticator. Again, everything looked very authentic. It makes me wonder if my friend fell for the phishing attempt and they used his account to phish his friends.

Just to make sure, I decided to google the website looking to see if it was legit. Literally nothing popped up. Made a few modifications to my search and found this post

I got to say, extremely clever to use a friend, modify the phishing attempt to include the friends most played game, and the detail they put into the website. It also made me think about the ramifications of how often legit websites and apps are asking you to link to your steam account, essentially causing complacency.

Edit: I want to add my thought process here so other people can see how many levels they covered to make it so devious.

  1. They used a friend and I keep my friends list pretty well groomed, only keeping those that I have played with or talked to within the last three months.

  2. They used a competitive game that my friend plays often (actually his most played game) to get me to vote for him. As a bonus, they played off of my willingness to help my friend.

  3. They used a very realistic website that even had a yellow warning that warned that this website wasn't affiliated with steam. I thought "Well surely they wouldn't put anything to deter victims if they weren't legit." Also, the fact that so many apps and websites are asking you to link your steam account, means that it isn't exactly unheard of.

  4. I thought the url was just a little odd as it was ESLVOTELOG, but i figured maybe it was a section that they linked to that was separate just to… well log votes for teams. Which is what my "friend" asked me to do.

  5. I thought, "Well, before I log in let me make sure by clicking around the website and exploring to make sure it is legit." But, it actually went to a real website when I clicked the logo at the top.

  6. Noticing that the URL changed completely, is actually what made me squint my eyes at it a little more. Most websites will keep the original url and just add forward slashes to bring you to different sections of the website.

  7. As I was skeptical, I started googling if it was legit. The fact that literally nothing came up for it, made me a little skeptical, but also made think "well, surely it would have something if it was a scam."

  8. Finally after change a few things in my search I found that post on reddit's rocket league post talking about some of these same things.

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